Cloud-based transport route planning: An Interview with Constantin Lutz


Constantin Lutz, Director Sales & Marketing Logistics Software, PTV Group

How has the cloud-based version of PTV Map&Guide internet been received on the market?

Constantin Lutz: “Just as we expected. It met with great interest, as is generally the case with cloud technology products. But the German market reacted with caution to the early implementation of the new technology. We are familiar with this reaction from previous experience. In the Netherlands, e.g.,  telematics was used much earlier. Still PTV Map&Guide internet also quickly won its first customers in Germany, e.g. Spedition Rüdinger from Krautheim. They had been using the desktop version for over 15 years and now use both versions in parallel. But normally it does take longer here to convince prospective customers of a new product.  Everyone has heard about cloud technology in the media, but only few have used it and are actually aware of what it means for them and their company. The easiest way to find out is to simply test it on the Internet and then decide. So far, we’ve only received positive feedback from the companies using the cloud-based version.”

What does the international market look like?

Constantin Lutz: “The international market is more open to the cloud technology. This is where PTV Map&Guide internet quickly gained new customers, partly because some countries are still at an early stage of implementing transport route planning. For them the cloud-based version is ideal, as they can quickly get started without having to invest a lot in conventional software licences. Plus we have to remember that PTV Map&Guide is extremely popular. Over 55,000 users in Europe use the desktop version. So it is a well-known product. The Internet-based version does not necessarily have to replace the desktop version. But it’s ideal for new customers who want to initially introduce transport route planning software in their company. Depending on their needs, the benefit for existing customers lies in being able to use the software independently from where they are, on any computer or notebook with a browser.  In the meantime over 200 companies in 22 countries have opted for PTV Map&Guide internet.”

What future do you see for Map&Guide internet?

Constantin Lutz: “Implementing the cloud technology was definitely necessary to meet the requirements of new technological innovations. We live in world of networking, in private and business communication. PTV Map&Guide internet meets the needs of this world. And without giving too much away, we can reveal that this is only the beginning – further cloud-based applications of the PTV Group will follow.