Clever planning without pins

At the 13th IG EUSka Meeting, which took place in Karlsruhe, participants could look back on ten years of great success and had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of the future.

Since 2002, the PTV Group has been committed to improving road safety by providing EUSKA, a professional road accident analysis tool. A commitment that is characterised by the close cooperation with the police forces and authorities.

Ten years ago, PTV and several police authorities started their cooperation in order to modernise the work on road safety by means of EUSKA. Thuringia was the first state in Germany which joined the project. Large maps, comprehensive accident data archives and time-consuming paper-based data transfer were no longer necessary. The use of pins for showing the different accident types has also become obsolete: Thanks to EUSKA all data is now available on the computer – this represents an enormous amount of progress.

In the database, the accident data is directly linked to the road map. This means that the police forces can immediately analyse the accident and generate thematic maps by setting corresponding filters. The latter help to identify certain accident classifications. Police forces primarily focus on infrastructure issues and irregularities when analysing road accident data. For example, if there are particular areas where a lot of accidents happen on rainy or icy days, this may indicate problems with the road surface. If so, appropriate action can be taken and its effect on road traffic can be analysed in EUSKA. In the meantime, EUSKA has a lot more to offer than accident type analyses. It now allows users to search for accident clusters in the data pool. As a result, the accident commissions in charge can organise their work more efficiently.

The IG EUSKA Association was founded in 2006. This community of interests consists of eleven states which use this software tool. Additionally, the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) has become a permanent member. The IG EUSKA  Association consolidates the requirements concerning the software and thus contributes to continuous software enhancement. The IG EUSKA members discussed the Challenges of the Future at their 13th meeting which took place in Karlsruhe in the middle of April. Andre Münch, Director Traffic Safety: “EUSKA has become the standard analysis tool for our police forces. Moreover, several major cities, such as Frankfurt and Dresden as well as smaller municipalities have chosen EUSKA for their road accident analyses. Road safety plays an increasingly important role and is a public health priority throughout the world, in particular in countries with a quickly growing motorisation rate, such as China and India. Therefore, the PTV Group wants to provide a similar tool which contributes to improved safety on all our roads.”

Today, there are more than 500 EUSKA installations which support users in eleven federal states in Germany. In other words: More than 1,000 users analyse 70 % of the road accident data collected by the police.