No camera obscura: Transparency in the sales force


Fujifilm will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2014. The holdings corporation employs approximately 70,000 staff worldwide and has a consolidated turnover of around 20 billion euros. With close to 50 subsidiaries, Fujifilm is active across the whole of Europe. FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH is responsible for sales of digital cameras and accessories from its Kleve location.

Aristotle had already recognised the principle of camera obscura, the “dark chamber” in which an upside-down image of the external world is generated. However, it was several centuries before the invention of photography. Photo and film producers such as the Japanese multinational Fujifilm Group are facing rapid developments. The changes in the market for digital cameras made it necessary for the company to switch to high-quality, high-end cameras. Thus, its subsidiary, Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH had to redefine its target public, and above all, replan its sales territories.

In the B2B segment of the Digital Imaging business unit, the company focuses on a wide range of customers, including Mediamarkt, Saturn, the entertainment electronics cooperatives ElectronicPartner, expert and Euronics, the photographic trade with the photo cooperatives Ringfoto and Europa Foto, online retailers such as Otto and Amazon as well as hypermarkets such as real and cash-and-carry businesses, for example Metro. Previously, at one of the world’s largest photographic companies, the sales territories were planned out manually, with pins for the postcodes on a map of Germany. What is now required is a transparent, practical program version that is flexible at any time: It has to meet the needs caused by rapidly changing trade. Thomas Morgenstern, Sales Manager Germany at Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe is convinced of its value for money: “With PTV’s Geomanagement tool we opted for software that is also suitable on the small-scale planning horizon with great potential for development.”

Enthusiastically working towards the first milestone
In just three months, the first element of restructuring could be completed. “The staff of PTV provided us with prompt and dedicated support” says Morgenstern.
First a test licence helped to get familiar with the program. PTV Map&Market planner was also used. “Many software options are still unknown to me”, says Morgenstern. “Nevertheless, my sales support team manager and I could use the necessary modules after six weeks.” Before that a clean up was necessary: Only about a thousand out of several thousand data records were relevant. After this the assignment of customer addresses according to the software was straightforward.

Informed decisions
Despite an increase of overnight stays, the sales representative felt that the restructuring of the sales territories made sense and was transparent. Savings are not quantifiable yet; Morgenstern and his team are only just implementing the new structure now. However, the sales manager can already highly recommend PTV Map&Market:
“We now have an open and flexible planning system that is accepted by all sales representatives and we feel that we are in very good hands thanks to the professional and reliable support of PTV staff.”