PTV Group launches Add-in Marketplace for Vision Traffic Suite

Within topical webinars add-in developers present their extensions of the PTV Vision Traffic Suite.

Within topical webinars add-in developers present their extensions of the PTV Vision Traffic Suite.

Continuous development has brought the transport planning software from PTV Group to where it is today: at the forefront of the industry. For a long time, new features and functionalities for PTV Visum and PTV Vissim have been created not only by their own developers, but users and partners also bring the software forward: with their own add-ins, which they program according to their requirements. PTV Group would like to offer a platform for these self-developed add-ins on, and has now launched the PTV Vision Traffic Add-in Marketplace. The information platform offers an area for learning about and publishing useful additional modules.

“In the last few years, a secondary market has built up around our transport planning software, where users of PTV Visum and PTV Vissim offer valuable functional extensions”, said Dr Klaus Nökel, Vice President Traffic Software Product Management and Development at PTV Group. “With the Add-in Marketplace, we wanted to make these available, and we also wanted to offer script developers a platform on which to present their developments.” The first publications include add-ins such as MapFormer, a tool for network geolocation, and Optimal Count Locator, which helps the user to determine the optimal position of counting locations in transport models.

Those interested can now become acquainted with further add-ins by way of a personal introduction. Webinars on 2 and 4 December will provide information on the development of both the MAT.TRAFFIC start-up and SISTeMA: MAT.TRAFFIC will present VS-CrossCheck. This is an add-on for the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim, which allows users to analyse the quality of traffic light control planning. SISTeMA will present PTV Visum add-in TRE (Traffic Realtime Equilibrium), a dynamic assignment model that considers node details. Those interested can register at Participation is free.

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