PTV Group supports 2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

PTV and Michelin strive to foster sustainable mobility

PTV and Michelin strive to foster sustainable mobility

The 2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum, which is being held in Chengdu, China, in November, will bring together the world’s mobility stakeholders to discuss how to promote mobility that is clean, safe, connected, economically affordable and physically accessible. In order to ensure sustainable mobility, all key players in the field of transportation and logistics will have to intensify their efforts in cooperating and coordinating their activities. PTV Group has therefore accepted Michelin’s invitation to join the “Think and Action tank” summit in Chengdu and to share its knowledge and expertise in the field of transport and logistics software and real-time optimisation solutions. Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV Group, emphasizes that access to real-time data will enable cities and regions to implement new concepts and solutions for innovative mobility designed to drive growth and urban well-being.

What are new mobility concepts for the cities of tomorrow? There are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when shaping future urban mobility. One of the challenges is how to make best use of the current infrastructure to meet the different requirements of all road users: People want to travel to their places of work quickly and safely, transport companies want to deliver their goods on time or from door-to-door. Whether pedestrians, cyclists, car or truck drivers or public transport operators, they all compete for the same infrastructure and resources which need to be carefully planned by the cities.

Intelligent software solutions can help the mobility market to cope with this major challenge. “In order to create liveable cities, decision-makers should address these issues based on an integrated approach. This is the only way to secure mobility over the long term. PTV has more than 35 years of experience and expertise in both transport and logistics,” says Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV Group.

Real-time data: challenges and solutions

Today, more and more mobility data is being collected in real-time. At the same time, vehicles and mobile devices are becoming increasingly intelligent. There is plenty of detailed information available, such as data from sensor loops, onboard computers and smartphones, supported by technologies for the communication between vehicles and infrastructure and for data exchange. “However, policy makers need to allow greater use and access to anonymised real-time data for private sector players who can then turn that data into beneficial outcomes, such as reduced congestion and optimal traffic flow. Industry and the public sector could then jointly benefit from new real-time services and additional optimisation opportunities,” explains Kobesen.

Cooperation with Michelin in the growth market of China

PTV and Michelin are bound by the common interest to the development of sustainable mobility services. The CEOs of the two companies recently met at the 2014 OECD International Transport Forum in Leipzig where they addressed these issues together with transport ministers and experts from 54 countries. Following the first successful meeting, they will now continue their exchange of experience and ideas at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum event in the thriving Chinese metropolis of Chengdu (11 – 14 November). PTV, which opened a branch office in Shanghai in 2005, will share its knowledge and expertise in the field of logistics, especially urban logistics, which is now also playing an increasingly important role in transport planning and optimisation.