Five trucks, 5,260 kilometres of test track and – a reliable navigator


Five trucks, 5,260 kilometres of test track and – a reliable navigator: the PTV Navigator in action at the European Truck Challenge 2014

Once again, big-name HGV manufacturers lined up their vehicles for the comparison test at the European Truck Challenge. In November 2014, five semi-trailer trucks in the 2,100 Nm traction class lined up at the start, with the objective of finding the most economical truck. On board this time: the PTV Navigator. This app guided the vehicles safely to their destination.

The PTV Navigator demonstrated its professionalism in guiding the five semi-trailer trucks.

Michael Hubschneider, Senior Product Manager Logistics, PTV Group, emphasises: “We were delighted to support the European Truck Challenge because it gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the practical benefits that PTV Navigator offers the truck driver: the route layout was sent by e-mail to the tablet PC in the cab, from which the driver could import it into the navigation software simply by double-clicking”. The professional navigation solution scored on two counts: it calculates the route specifically for the vehicle type and the Truck Parking Assistant app guides the driver straight to the nearest HGV parking area. Sven Bennühr, editor-in-chief of Text & Technik at DVZ, regards this as a new level: “The PTV Group has raised its navigation solution for trucks to a new level: the current Version 9 of PTV Navigator for mobile devices now includes the Truck Parking Assistant feature. This means the supplier has bridged the gap between the mobile telephone app, Truck Parking Europe, and the conventional navigation system – the keyword is Assisted Navigation”.

In the final analysis, fuel consumption amounted to between five and nine cents less per kilometre for each truck, even though the test route was more demanding. A success – not only for the manufacturers but also for the environment.
Test the unrestricted full version of PTV Navigator Truck free for 14 days! And read the detailed test report here. (Subscription required).

The next challenge is sure to come. This year’s European Truck Challenge is planned for autumn 2015.


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