PTV Map&Market 2015 – new technology, new GUI, new apps, new possibilities

Professional Geomanagement with PTV Map&Market for any sector

Professional Geomanagement with PTV Map&Market for any sector

Visualisation and analysis of important business data on digital maps is still the basis for strategic company decisions. Modern geomanagement software also ensures perfect sales force planning and management. PTV Map&Market 2015 goes one step further: Conceived as a web solution, it can be easily integrated into the customer’s own IT landscape or expanded to include individual components. It provides an optimal depiction of complex requirements and results and it includes easy distribution via intranet. For more details, please also visit our landingpage and register for our webinars!

Geomanagement as a web solution

Originally conceived as a web solution, the new PTV Map&Market is accessible to all stakeholders in the geomanagement process and they can access it simply in their browsers. The software can be installed locally as required and the master workspace can be extended to include user and authorisation management. Users can be assigned to groups and pass projects to colleagues, depending on the authorization settings. PTV Map&Market Add-on viewer offers hassle-free company-wide distribution of the results. Users can choose to upload projects to an SQL server, where they can store data, use the browser to visualise data, view and hide it depending on their requirements and start a print or export job. The PTV Map&Market Add-on data connector establishes the connection to other systems. If you want, you can use PTV Map&Market Add-on 25h to diversify the results for operational use.

Scalable universal system

Bespoke integration possibilities turn the geomanagement tool into a universal system. The “Software Development Kit” (SDK), i.e. the toolkit for creating your own applications of this type, is based on the tried and tested PTV xServer components: using an integrated bundle, you can depict the requirements of individual IT landscapes at any time on PTV xServer; both standard requirements and individual demands can be shown. Customers can, if required, design the user interface themselves.

Individual components can be integrated or exchanged without any problems, making it easy to enhance the system’s functionality. This makes the solution scalable, so it can respond flexibly to increasing amounts of external work.Using the add-on data connector, the software can be connected to data management systems, which are already in use, like SAP, Oracle, Accenture etc. Having its own API enables PTV Map&Market to be seamlessly embedded into the systems.

An incorruptible algorithm…

The automated planning saves time; the optimisation criteria are transparent and the algorithm is unerring. This results in objective and fair planning, which then leads to high acceptance among the sales representatives.However, the scope of PTV Map&Market’s services does not end with strategic planning: long-term precombined trip planning forms the basis for specific weekly visitation plans, which employees can use to generate their own daily trips.To avoid forgetting any customer visits, a rule that was created for optimal sales force planning fills so-called “visit pots”: if there are ten customer visits planned for a particular week and only eight of them actually happen, the system continues to schedule these open appointments until the sales force employee actually visits the customer.

… for all branches

“With PTV Map&Market 2015, we offer our customers a cross-sector geoplatform which provides all geomanagement functions up to and including apps”, says Thorsten Frerk, Director of Geomanagement Sales at the PTV Group. “Customer visitation rates increase by an average of four percent. But increases of up to 20 percent are possible”, emphasises Frerk. “Suitable areas with short routes, optimal appointment spacing and the ability to respond quickly often mean that you can make that one extra customer visit each day which can make a real difference. And this leads to a quick return on the investment. The system is easy to use and is available to the user wherever it’s needed: on the central computer and on the sales employee’s tablet or smartphone. A good basis for the right decisions!”

Free webinars for more information

Customers and interested parties are invited to join PTV’s free webinar sessions to find out more about the product itself, the new technology and additional features. Here you will find the webinar dates and topics broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced topics. Our expert Jürgen Pöhler, Senior Consultant at PTV Group will explain the basics and show specific use cases using PTV Map&Market 2015.