Out-of-the-box transport logistics


The modular Business Connector – new solution of abat and PTV Group to integrate geographical data into SAP®-Systems

Visualising movement data, computing distances and journey times, planning routes, calculating toll costs – all part of the day-to-day arithmetic performed by dispatchers, fleet managers and other service providers, and all of it impossible without geographical information systems. Many companies use SAP® business applications for these processes, but quickly run up against a barrier in the form of different programming languages. The abat AG, an international provider of IT products and services related to SAP, has now developed the Business Connector for PTV Group. This software provides a straightforward way to connect geographical data with SAP software systems using standardised functions. A solution, which is based on the PTV xServer developer components.

Modular integration into SAP

The technical connector constitutes the basic version of the solution, and provides the connection between the PTV interfaces and the SAP system – the user has a separate SAP integration and needs to address the PTV xServer directly via ABAP®, SAP’s programming language. The offer is rounded off with specific solutions containing complete business and/or application logic, which represent an installable turnkey solution. The modular structure of the solution guarantees that the customer can put it to the best possible use. As a result, the customer has completely new possibilities in terms of geographical display, both in transport logistics and in other markets such as the insurance industry.