Rogaland/Norway relies on PTV Visum as new software tool


Rogaland/Norway relies on PTV Visum as new software tool to make their traffic greener.

As the number of vehicles on the road steadily increases, so does the amount of CO2 emissions produced. Politicians all over the world are already taking concrete actions to bring economic and ecological factors into harmony with each other, with many considering Green Mobility. For some time now, Rogaland, a county in Western Norway, has been looking to implement a solution that has a positive impact on regional traffic, especially in city regions.

Therefore, the Transport Department of the Rogaland County Council looked for a new software tool to do an analysis of different modes of transportation that gives detailed and specific information, so that the county could develop strategies to meet current and future traffic needs. A short tender phase showed, that PTV Group is the only alternative to meet all expectations with a single software: PTV Visum.

The Requirements and the Solution

Although other software has been used in the past, several shortcomings in relation to modelling of environmentally friendly transport options, have turned the balance to consider another option for modelling. Guaranteeing a user-friendly application, PTV Visum supports a more detailed and specific multi-modelling, including other modes and scenarios of transportation smoothly, offering different time options. Also, PTV Visum is easily compatible to the already established Norwegian Regional Traffic Model (RTM). For the future, PTV Visum serves as a supplier for existing databases, while the additional experience in modelling will contribute to development of existing software’s and its modelling capacities.

Rogaland Fylkeskommune is convinced by the software’s’ intuitive nature: „The software’s interface is in our experience very accessible and flexible to users and to further expansion and development“, the official explanatory statement says. As other municipalities and counties in Norway are facing the same needs and difficulties, if successful, the solution will serve as a lighthouse project, which can be transferred to the other regions.

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