Good resolutions get you to your destination

Choose between three alternative routes: the overview map of PTV Navigator 9.4

Choose between three alternative routes: the overview map of PTV Navigator 9.4

Alternative route suggestions, simple management of stop-off points, accurate traffic forecasts: PTV Navigator has carried out its resolutions and is appearing in the spring with new, convenient functions.

You get: up to three alternative route suggestions, user-friendly management of stop-off points and on top of that, a handful of information about the latest traffic situation. PTV Navigator 9.4 is being released with additional features, taking it in a new direction.

Green for go, red for wait

If you know the latest traffic situation, you can react accordingly. The navigation software Navigator 9.4 provides traffic information in real-time, now also available for Hungary and Turkey. The new version also allows you to choose from up to three alternative routes for each planned destination. The new route summary feature shows which routes are affected by disruptions, which is the fastest to the destination and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the destination. You can therefore request to view or avoid, bypass or recalculate individual sections. The traffic forecast automatically checks whether a traffic jam has an impact on the driving time and arrival time and displays upcoming events in a timeline, in a colour that indicates the relevance of the factors to the route.
A direct route to your destination doesn’t have to be complicated

Once a destination has been specified, define individual stop-off points along the route. Complete, not yet reached or altogether skipped – a summary list shows the interim destinations and their current status as well as the estimated time of arrival. In the menu, the specific interim destinations can be selected and processed directly. You can, for example, change the status, delete the stop-off point or even rename it. With a simple movement, individual stages appear in a new order. PTV Navigator adjusts the estimated time of arrival accordingly. By clicking on an interim stop-off point directly in the map mode, it is applied in the list. An additional feature allows navigation to be stored, ensuring that the driver cannot change the present trip.

Compatibility works

PTV Navigator can be seamlessly connected to all relevant telematics systems. One new feature is that the navigation can now also transfer planned trips from the trip planning software PTV Smartour and from the software for route optimisation, PTV Map&Guide, to individual navigation devices.

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