New standards in real-time notification

PTV Smartour Notification Service: the right information at the right time

Everything can arrive. But knowing the exact time is key. Notification and shipment tracking in real-time – with the route planning software PTV Smartour, the PTV Group is setting new standards in real-time notification.

PTV Smartour, has achieved new levels of quality in real-time planning. The integrated service PTV Drive&Arrive provides an exact prediction of the arrival time, otherwise known as the estimated time of arrival (ETA). The software calculates this based on current traffic data and the vehicle’s position notifications. The sender can share the planned arrival time across the entire transport chain with just a few clicks and thereby inform the recipient about when the delivery is likely to arrive.

Arrive on time

PTV Smartour offers an innovative notification service. In addition to the manual notification of the planned arrival time, the tour planning software can also send an automatic notification based on the current traffic situation. Unforeseen events also affect the calculation of the estimated time of arrival. This ensures precise delivery commitments and reduces costs and waiting times at the ramp. This new function from PTV Smartour provides transparency and high service quality across the entire supply chain.

Consolidated tours

With the 2017.1 release, orders can be grouped together into territories and thereby create a basis for spatially compact and evenly balanced tours. The software even optimises historic tours with regard to number, capacity, duration and route. There is also potential in the basic functions of an additional module: with the plan/actual comparison it is possible to compare planned tours with tours that are actually carried out. Using a corresponding telematics connection, this forms the basis of the interpretation and compilation of the actual tour.

Sustainable in every way

Thanks to optimised tour planning with PTV Smartour, companies can realise savings potentials which meet both economic and environmental aims. PTV Smartour is the first software to be recognised by GS1 Germany as a “Lean and Green” tool and helps companies to use resources efficiently – both economically and environmentally.

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