Microsimulation – what is it good for?

Alastair Evanson, Solution Director for PTV Vissim and our expert for microsimulation

“Are you playing computer games again?” – this is a question microsimulation experts often get asked when modelling traffic. Of course they are not, but is there really such a big difference between microsimulation and a game like Sim City? Alastair Evanson, PTV’s Solution Director for PTV Vissim, puts things straight.

With microsimulation software you can model everything that moves, may it be boats, bikes, pedestrians, cars or autonomous vehicles. You can watch the vehicles as they move through a network and you can influence how they behave. That sounds a lot like a video game. However, microsimulation can do much more.

With a software solution like PTV Vissim, you can simulate complex decisions and behaviours of how the road users interact with each other. Furthermore, it provides sound engineering results that help you to identify the problems and can be used to quantify the potential benefits of an intervention. With a microsimulation tool you do not play, you take profound decisions.

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