AEOLIX – more efficiency and productivity in logistics thanks to networking

Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research, PTV, who is managing the AEOLIX project on the PTV side.

Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research, PTV, who is managing the AEOLIX project on the PTV side.

Visibility in the supply chain due to easy access and the exchange and use of relevant and easily available information related to logistics – these are the essential prerequisites for a pan-European intermodal logistics solution. A solution that can produce many advantages for all participants: more efficiency and productivity with a simultaneous reduction of the effects on the environment. In our interview, Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research, who is managing the project on the PTV side, describes the plan to set up a pan-European logistics platform for cities, transporters and logistics service providers.

Compass: To achieve greater transparency, the variety of data, but also information channels and information management systems must be accessible so that all participants in the supply chain can access them easily and use the information. It sounds as if AEOLIX has ambitious plans. For previously, the logistics actors were not networked with one another, nor did they have access to this variety of information. In addition, some of them probably also have concerns about making their data available – keyword: competition. Heterogeneous data, heterogeneous sources – how can all of these be unified? Which data in particular is the data in question?

Florian Krietsch: AEOLIX has three core tasks: providing secure communications for the exchange of data between the existing systems and software services, as well as a dashboard and application interfaces for users of the AEOLIX platform.

All possible data that is required for seamless networking of all actors should flow via the platform. For example, this could include tendering and inquiry data for transport planning or data that is relevant to the execution of the transport itself, such as events, vehicle positions or the estimated arrival time of a vehicle and much more. The platform should guarantee the secure exchange of the various data between the actors’ systems and applications. Furthermore, data that flows via the platform can be enhanced by AEOLIX services. For example, GPS position data can be geocoded or used to calculate an arrival time for a route.

There should be clear rules for the management of access rights to data, services and their interplay, since otherwise the basis for a use of the AEOLIX platform will be lacking for many users. For them, the concern is to set up and implement AEOLIX in the data policy and governance environment.

Compass: What is PTV contributing to this project?

Florian Krietsch: We are especially active in two work packages. One focuses on governance, that is, the management and assignment of rights. This is closely related to the question of when and under what basic conditions will the platform be accepted by users and provided with added value. The other work package focuses on services for the platform. Here, applications and services for route planning are provided by PTV; these include geocoding and arrival time calculation. Other partners will also make their services available in the course of this project. And here it is also conceivable that the combination of different services from different providers will result in valuable new services which we do not know yet and that will arise exclusively via this platform.

The concepts will be tested in eleven Living Labs in Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Sweden and Spain and they should each fulfil the logistical requirements for digitization in the respective regions. Here, for example, the interplay of road and rail or road and harbour can be examined.

Compass: When are the first initial results from AEOLIX anticipated?

Florian Krietsch: We’re still in the early stages, but the first results should be available in summer 2017. And in May, at transport logistic we want to present the first overview of online information.

Aeolix – Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange

Project management: ERTICO – ITS Europe is a partnership of around 100 companies and institutions that are engaged in the production of intelligent transport system (ITS). The ERTICO partners carry out various activities to develop and promote ITS in order to save lives, protect the environment and provide mobility in a cost-efficient way. 34 project partners are involved in AEOLIX.

Project duration: September 2016 – August 2019

Project volume: around EUR16m.

Aeolix is funded by the EU as part of the 2020 Horizon programme.