PTV Group and IPG Automotive Offer New Interface for Virtual Test Driving

Virtual test driving by IPG Automotive now features microscopic traffic simulation with PTV Vissim.

In the automotive sector, new developments regarding vehicles or materials are mandatory to be tested before manufactures are allowed to produce them for the street. Strict rules and regulatory requirements have to be followed as a necessary protection of all transport means. This often goes with delays in the product introduction and holds unexpected expenses. A chance to create an efficient and cost-reasonable process is to relocate testing from the real world to a virtual surrounding.

Virtual test driving entails numerous advantages for users. Simulations of vehicles or vehicle components in realistic scenarios are not only significantly more cost-efficient compared to real-world testing – vehicles, materials and newly developed products can be tested under reproducible conditions independently from factors such as the traffic situation or weather, which can only be influenced to a limited extent in reality. In addition, simulation helps reduce time to market since potential problems may be discovered and eliminated before the beginning of production without causing high production costs.

The Karlsruhe-based companies PTV Group and IPG Automotive now offer a complete solution for driving simulation in a virtual environment. This is made possible by a specially developed interface which enables the communication between PTV Vissim, PTV Group’s traffic simulation software, and the CarMaker product family, the simulation solutions for virtual test driving by IPG Automotive. The environment of the intelligent traffic simulation in PTV Vissim is combined with the vehicles of the CarMaker product family that are characterized by physically exact modeling and realistic interactions.

“The joint solution by PTV Group and IPG Automotive supports users in their day-to-day activities and ensures a cost-efficient and smooth workflow. The combination of both simulation solutions brings together the consideration of a single vehicle and realistic traffic representation on an equally high scientific level”, says Dr. Thomas Benz, Solution Director Automotive PTV Group, who is pleased about the integration.

PTV Group and IPG Automotive jointly set new standards for virtual test driving (from left: Thomas Benz, Solution Director Automotive PTV Group, Martin Herrmann, Specialist ADAS and Autonomous Driving IPG Automotive, Andreas Köglmaier, Manager Sales DACH PTV Group).

Martin Herrmann, Specialist ADAS and Autonomous Driving IPG Automotive, is also positive about the development: “Co-simulation with PTV Vissim and the CarMaker product family allows for the testing of advanced driver assistance and highly automated driving functions in very complex scenarios. Even current challenges in testing such as Real Driving Emissions can be met with simulation under realistic conditions thanks to the natural traffic flow in PTV Vissim.”

The geographical proximity – both companies are based in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion – facilitates regular coordination and supports close cooperation.

Visit PTV Group on March 28 at “Open House”, the meeting point for the virtual test driving industry by IPG Automotive at Tollhaus in Karlsruhe. In conversation with the on-site team, discover how PTV Vissim enhances virtual test driving with a traffic component, thereby creating an environment in the CarMaker product family that represents realistically interacting road users.

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