Saving money with route optimisation in the cloud

Route planning and fleet optimisation wherever you are – with the cloud-based PTV Route Optimiser.

10% – this is how much a company can save on average by using PTV Route Optimiser, the flexible solution for strategic transport planning and daily route scheduling. The tool can easily be accessed via the internet and helps to cut operational costs, improve efficiency and raise customer service levels.




Companies are often reluctant to invest in a route planning software: will it really pay off? Is it flexible enough and can it be adapted to my business’s needs? PTV Route Optimiser wipes away all these concerns. The software tool recently complemented PTV’s logistics product portfolio and comes with a number of benefits.

Cut operational costs by optimising routes

PTV Route Optimiser is a complete scheduling solution that allows you to manage and plan not just your routes, but also your fleets, drivers and depots, taking all transport requirements into account. Thanks to the attractive monthly rate, you have minimal capital investment and the software pays off financially from the very first day. Concise reporting makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your KPIs, resources, costs and revenue.

“I would recommend PTV Route Optimiser to any business that is wanting to save money and improve their business in a whole.”
Nigel Hyde, trade Manager, Hogs Back Brewery

Improve efficiency of your fleet and business

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The basis for efficient route planning are efficient territories. That is why PTV Route Optimiser enables you to strategically optimise your depot and logistics network. In addition to that, you gain better control of your resources by linking the sales process with warehousing and the transport system. That improves the information flow and ensures that everyone involved knows the status of orders at any time.
Is your fleet as efficient as it can be? The software makes proposals on how to adjust the core fleet size, improve the mix of vehicles or save vehicles by double shifting them or by combining collections with deliveries. It also allows for seasonal planning with peaks and troughs and helps you to reduce your carbon footprint by saving miles and resources.

“With PTV Route Optimiser we speeded up the daily planning process and provided both cost and time savings throughout the distribution operation.”
Ian Wilson, Director, JBT Distribution

Raise customer service levels and stay flexible

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Improve the satisfaction of your customers through timely delivery and customer time windows. With PTV Route Optimiser your customer gets the deliveries they want, when they want them, and with the right vehicle.

PTV Route Optimiser is browser-based, which means that the programme runs online and can easily be accessed via the internet. There is no need for any dedicated client software, enabling you to work wherever you are.

“We looked at several options for planning partners and we decided on Route Optimiser as they were able to integrate their system with our sage software, since then we have added TomTom WebFLEET into the mix as well, so it gives us the complete package”.
Brett Westbrook, Group Transport Manager, Crosswater Limited

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