ETA and data protection – the key to logistics 4.0

Allowing for secure and automatic data exchange along the supply chain: PTV Drive&Arrive

Digitally connecting all partners of the supply chain, increasing efficiency and transparency – that is the idea of so called logistics 4.0. Since more and more companies in the sector digitise their business by using software for order, warehouse or fleet management, route planning or telematics, and control their processes via cloud solutions, this idea is technically already possible. However, many logistics service providers are reluctant to pass their sensitive driver and order-related data to their partners in the supply chain. This makes automatic data exchange and digital linking of all stakeholders nigh-on impossible. PTV Drive&Arrive is the optimal solution to this dilemma.

Tracking a delivery from the production site, through the interim storage facility, the logistics service providers and the subcontractors, right up to the recipient’s ramp – that is what many logistics providers wish for. By knowing the exact estimated time of arrival (ETA) of a delivery, they could enhance their efficiency, optimise their processes and increase planning security. All that is possible with the ETA calculation and notification tool PTV Drive&Arrive, while at the same time complying with all data protection provisions and data security demands of the business partners.

Calculating the ETA

PTV Drive&Arrive continuously and automatically informs all stakeholders in the supply chain about the ETA of a truck – reliably, precisely and in real-time. The calculation is based on position data obtained from a free API which can be easily integrated into any existing transport or fleet management system. For those who would rather not use the API, PTV also provides a simple and intuitive driver app. API and app continuously send the driver’s current position to a PTV server, where the arrival time is being calculated and transmitted to the stakeholders of the supply chain. They know exactly when to expect the delivery and can thus optimise their downstream processes and make staff and resources available at the ramp and in the warehouse at the right time. The only data requested by PTV Drive&Arrive are those which are absolutely necessary for calculation of the ETA. Other data, such as the phone number of the driver or information on the type of the freight are only entered into the system and forwarded if the driver and the client wish to do so.

Data protection guaranteed

With a series of inbuilt mechanisms, PTV Group guarantees its customers that they are adhering to all applicable data protection provisions at all times and that their data, their business partners’ data and the personal information of the drivers are protected. The system uses Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud service, communication via HTTPS is encrypted and no personal or customer data is ever stored on the cloud. Drivers maintain full ownership of their personal data at all times, and their current positions are only ever used for the accurate calculation of the estimated time of arrival.

And after the trip?

Once the ETA has been calculated, the requested truck coordinates are erased directly. In addition to that, after a predefined time all route information is automatically deleted.

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  1. Our logistics team ( understands the reluctance to provide sensitive data to supply chain partners, but we do realize the importance of doing so as long as data sharing guidelines are strictly adhered to.

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