How Crosswater saved £36k with route optimisation

Bathroom retailer Crosswater Ltd. improved vehicle utilisation, reduced costs and controlled mileage with PTV Route Optimiser.

The goal: reducing costs, optimising vehicle utilisation, connecting the system to the existing IT infrastructure and saving planning time – bathroom retailer Crosswater Ltd. had high expectations when purchasing PTV Route Optimiser. The route and scheduling software did not let them down – and saved the company £36k.

Crosswater Limited initially decided to proceed in 2011 with logixcentral and in 2015 upgraded to the new PTV Route Optimiser web based route & schedule planning system. This has been part of a much larger review of IT systems. Five years on, they have a fully integrated transport system feeding PTV Route Optimiser directly with the orders processed from their Sage accounting and order processing software and then returning the plan to Sage to enable order picking.

“We looked at several options for planning partners and we decided on Route Optimiser as they were able to integrate their system with our sage software”, explains Brett Westbrook, Group Transport Manager at Crosswater. “Since then we have added TomTom WebFLEET into the mix as well, so it gives us the complete package”.

PTV Route Optimiser is used to build the optimum plan which is also uploaded to the TomTom WebFLEET system and to the drivers’ in-cab devices which enable them to navigate through their deliveries and collections in the efficient way offering real-time visibility for traffic office and sales office, plus enabling the delivery of optimum customer service.


“We have been using the Route Optimiser cloud system for 5 years now and in that time we have delivered many benefits to the Group”.
Brett Westbrook, Group Transport Manager, Crosswater Limited


“Prior to installing PTV Route Optimiser, the maximum number of routes we could produce in a single night were between two and three hundred call points”, estimates Brett Westbrook. “With the system now in place we can manage and route up to 2,000. This can be done within an hour’s time span so it’s a lot labour-intensive, the routes are more accurate than just sticking a magnet on the board”.


  • Having full visibility of the Groups’ orders has enabled us to combine all three of our companies’ deliveries onto a far more efficient single Crosswater fleet.
  • Assisting to reduce our 3rd party logistics monthly costs to around £3k, which is about 10% of what it was before we implemented PTV Route Optimiser.
  • Improved overall vehicle utilisation and increased number of deliveries per route by about 20%.
  • PTV Route Optimiser has delivered significant improvements in controlling excess mileage.
  • 2011 totals were 930k miles driven and 170k litres of diesel resulting in a £227k fuel bill which was a 13% reduction over the previous year equating to an additional £36k saving.


Leaders in bathroom design, Crosswater Limited has been welcomed by the specialist bathroom retailer market since they were established in 1998. Excelling with a vast, exciting and innovative product range has led Crosswater Limited to become one of the most pioneering companies in the UK with 3 distinctive and prevailing brands: Crosswater, Bauhaus & Simpsons.