EU research project CoEXist: Kick-off in Versailles in early June

At the Palace of Versailles, the kick-off event of our new EU research project CoEXist took place.

The kick-off event of our new EU research project CoEXist took place at the famous Palace of Versailles near Paris. The project funded by the Horizon 2020  framework program of the European Commission focuses on the interaction between semi-automated and conventional vehicles in the transitional period to fully autonomous vehicle fleets.

How does the interplay between automated and conventional vehicles look like, how can this coexistence be managed and how will future transport models look like? PTV works on these issues together with project partners from the automotive business, the IT sector, research institutions as well as European associations and local authorities. This multidisciplinary team is led by Rupprecht Consult.

In the test area of Helmond (NL), test drives will be performed with vehicles using control logic. These test drives will then be modeled by the microsimulation software PTV Vissim and used for parameterization of the automated driving program. As a result, transport planners will be able to use simulations instead of expensive real-life test runs for future transport planning. Moreover, cities will be provided with information on the equipment and capacities required for a hybrid infrastructure for mixed operation of automated and conventional vehicles. It is planned that these findings are made available to all European cities as planning support in the form of a guideline.

CoEXist has also been selected for so-called “twinning activities” as part of which EU projects cooperate with American research projects in a similar context.

The “CoEXist ‘AV-Ready’ transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles” project receives over EUR 3m in EU funding. The project with a total of 15 partners is set to run over a period of three years.