PTV Group joins IRF on a mission to provide safer and better roads

PTV Group becomes IRF member

In 1948, the International Road Federation (IRF) was founded in Washington D.C and supported by regional offices throughout the world.

Today, IRF is active in 118 countries and still growing, with its latest member, the PTV Group. Announced today at ITS Strasbourg 2017, PTV Group is proud to be one of the members in the IRF’s professionally-connected network.

What do the PTV Group and the IRF have in common? Both organisations are on the same exact mission, and that is to increase road safety while minimising impacts on the environment.

PTV Group has the technology and the IRF has the knowledge and resources for best use and practices of that technology. Together, both entities are a powerful force to be reckoned with, combined with other members in the academia, government and NGO sectors.

Check out the official announcement below as Tom Antonissen, Senior Advisor Europe & Central Asia, IRF Global presented the membership certificate to Bob Randsdorp, Global Sales Director Real-Time, PTV Group at PTV booth: