PTV SISTeMA co-author award-winning paper on short-term traffic forecasting

Alessandro Attanasi with the award…a Marinella tie!

Our experts from PTV SISTeMA in Italy  has recently been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the IEEE-MT-ITS International Conference in Napoli.

Alessandro Attanasi, Lorenzo Meschnini, Marco Pezzula co-authored the research paper on “A Hybird Method for Real-Time Short-Term Predictions of Traffic Flows in Urban Areas” together with Gaetano Fusco, Guido Gentile, Natalia Isaenko of University of Rome “Sapienza”.

In the last two decades, there is still no clear view about the various methods used for short-term traffic forecasting so this paper provides a hybrid method for short-term predictions of traffic flow implementing and comparing two well-known network-structured models.

Abstract — Short-term traffic forecasting is driven by an
increasing need of new services for user information and new
systems for dynamic control. Our research focuses on
reproducing anticipated traffic conditions by means of statistical
methods traditionally applied in artificial intelligence problems.
Although we strongly believe that the effects of specific traffic
events can only be predicted through transportation model based
simulations in real-time, yet the fluctuations affecting the
ordinary traffic conditions of a day-type can well be forecasted

Download paper.