Mexico: The delivery of goods is a matter of life or death

It is crucial that trucks can take the supplies to the affected towns. Photo: Aryana Benavides / David Valdovinos

Mexico suffered from two major earthquakes during the past two weeks. On behalf of the Undersecretary of Infrastructure of the Nation, the General Director of the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT) contacted Vicente Torres, our managing director in Mexico, and asked for help.

Compass: Vicente, what is the current situation in your region?

Vicente: The quakes caused severe damages in different states and in the Greater Mexico City area, including the collapse of many buildings. After the two deadly earthquakes, the people’s response has been incredible. They have been working nonstop since then. Essential supplies have been collected and brought to gathering centres for the population affected by the quakes. But now, they are facing major challenges in terms of correct routing of the trucks, taking the supplies to the affected towns.

Compass: So you got a call from the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation. What did they ask for?

Vicente: They asked me whether PTV Group could support them in this emergency situation by providing free access to our routing platform for a limited time. The idea is that the access to our routing tool helps all people find the best route to get faster to the victims and to bring essential supplies like food, clothing, medicine, tools, machinery and aids to the population in need. We did not have to think twice and started immediately with the implementation.

Compass: How can interested parties use the professional routing service free of charge?

Vicente Torres, Managing Director of PTV América Latina is based in Mexico and organized together with his colleagues the special route planning edition. Photo: fotoskop W. Sieber

Vicente: It is an easy-to-use web application. You just have to go to You only need to register for the trial version that has been upgraded from seven days to 90 days for free trial.

Compass: For which purposes can the tool be used?

Vicente: The tool will help professional but also temporary truck drivers arrive safe and sound at the disaster zones. It will also help them find places where aid is being collected.

Some of the most devastated areas are very small towns deep in the mountains or in rural zones. The aid comes from big cities, and there are freight vehicles taking the supplies to these small towns. They need the right routing information to get there safely and fast. Google maps or Waze will not be helpful for truck drivers, in fact it can get them into trouble if they are routed through a path that is not suitable for freight vehicles. Now, more than ever, the delivery of goods is not a matter of economy, it is a matter of life or death.

Compass: Have you also thought about inserting special additional data concerning this emergency measure?

Vicente: We are going to add and update special points of interest (POI) on a weekly basis. For example, the locations of the gathering centres, places where help is needed, also shelters and any other types of POI that might be relevant.

The Mexican Institute of Transportation is going to gather all the necessary information which will be uploaded to our tool. That is a big task for a country as big and complicated as Mexico.

Compass: We are glad to hear that all our employees in the region are well and we wish you a lot of success with the current challenges that lie ahead of you.

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