PTV Optima or what if you were prepared for every traffic eventuality there is

More than 110 engineers, planners and city officials joined the 27th edition of the German UGM to discuss the latest mobility trends in Karlsruhe.

What’s new, what’s changed? At this year’s annual PTV Traffic User Group Meeting (UGM) in Karlsruhe, engineers, planners and city officials joined us to discuss the latest mobility trends. The combination of workshops and keynotes provided an ideal platform to exchange ideas with our customers and share best practices. The session “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?” was all about finding and implementing the right traffic management strategy – for planned events and in case of an emergency. Dr Uwe Reiter, Global Project Director at PTV Group, explained, why with PTV Optima traffic operators are always prepared. The real-time traffic management tool is their key to the right strategy at the right time.

By looking at the networks of various national and international cities, Reiter demonstrated different scenarios: for example, how an accident during the morning rush hour on a feeder road leading to the city centre could quickly cause a major traffic jam that also spreads onto the highway. Here, traffic operators need reliable information about the current and future traffic state to intervene as fast as possible. But how do they know, which intervention works best? Does adjusting the traffic lights do the job or should drivers be rerouted to avoid the bottleneck?

PTV Optima knows best thanks to its combination of proven offline traffic modelling, real-time data and smart algorithms. After the tool has calculated and assessed different scenarios, traffic operators are equipped with the necessary information to make a trustful decision. They know exactly which intervention benefits the network in which way before it has even hit the road.

And even if different traffic management centres define different goals for troubleshooting in case of, for example, a construction site slowing down traffic, the KPIs can be set just as flexibly. Whether a city prioritises to reduce emissions or to improve the reliability of the network, PTV Optima provides aggregated information to analyse the situation and take the right action – for every what-if scenario there is.

Tell us: how do you optimise traffic with PTV Optima? What are your ideas and experiences?

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