Mobility on Demand: Demand-driven transport

The photo shows Karlsruhe Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup together with the consortium members of the RegioMOVE project. (Photo: KVV/Peter Hennrich)

How can a public transport network evolve into a service-oriented mobility network?This challenge is tackled by the RegioMOVE research project launched in December 2017. Our transport expert, Tanja Schäfer, provides first insight into this flagship project:

Compass: What are the objectives of RegioMove?

Tanja Schäfer: The aim is to transform Karlsruhe’s transport network KVV (Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund) into an advanced mobility network. As part of RegioMOVE it is planned to interconnect current mobility services covering the KVV region and the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. In addition to bus and railway services used by millions of passengers, the system will be complemented by car sharing and rental bike services over the next few years. The aim is to use a single platform presenting multiple mobility services in order to take into account the ever-increasing complexity of customers’ requirements.

Compass: What results are expected from this three-year project?

Tanja Schäfer: In order to strengthen mobility throughout the region, the range of different mobility services will be expanded at specific hubs, so-called ports. At these ports, which are located at selected hubs, passengers can choose between different means of transport and change them easily. A comprehensive location and needs analysis will be conducted across the transport network to identify the best port locations.Moreover, it is planned to develop the IT architecture for the booking and planning platform, including a comprehensive mobility network concept focusing on fares and contracts.

Compass: What is our role?

Tanja Schäfer: PTV Group will provide three key components: First, we will model new Mobility as a Service offerings and evaluate new business concepts (e.g. for car sharing), using PTV software tools, such as MaaS Modeller – solutions that are specifically designed for these applications. Second, we will provide the routing and intermodal trip planning module as core component of the overarching information system. The third component involves modelling and planning as part of the design of novel mobility stations, i.e. the ports.

For further details, please read our press release.

Compass: What makes this project so special?

Tanja Schaefer, PTV Group

Tanja Schäfer: As part of the RegioMove research project, different regional partners will work closely together to pool their expertise. This flagship project, which won the RegioWIN Award in 2015, receives substantial funding from the State of Baden-Württemberg and the European Union (EFRE).The Consortium in charge of the implementation of the RegioMOVE project consists of KVV, the Regionalverband Mittlerer Oberrhein (RVMO), KIT, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, raumobil GmbH, PTV Group, INIT GmbH,Stadtmobil CarSharing, The City of Karlsruhe and the District of Rastatt.