PTV is one of Australia’s ITS Award winners making in-roads for the industry

ITS Australia Award 2017

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia celebrated the achievements of the nation’s most innovative and advanced transport technologies and the organisations and individuals involved. PTV Group has been recognised along with the University of Melbourne for The Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem as an outstanding contribution to the industry and community at the 2017 ITS Australia National Awards.

As a founding member of the initiative, PTV cooperates on the subject of smart cities and smart mobility based on a long-term partnership with the University of Melbourne School of Engineering.

Along with the vehicular evolution, new digitized mobility models are emerging such as the concept of shared mobility that will revolutionise not only the way of how people and goods will be moved – they will also change society as a whole. In doing so, cities are being made aware to the potential of such new mobility concepts and the changes they will bring.

“The City of Melbourne, as well as the University of Melbourne, are currently involved in different projects to show the world, that Melbourne is prepared for the future of transport,“ comments Omid Ejtemai, Managing Director Asia Pacific at PTV Group. “We are proud that our software tools deliver the core technology for the traffic model.”

Research Award Winner – The University of Melbourne for The Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem. (L-R) Dean Zabrieszach, President ITS Australia, Majid Sarvi, Chair in Transport Engineering, University of Melbourne, Jeff Kasperian, iMove CRC

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