PTV offers students scope for new ideas

Business Computer Science student Devid Vogel presented the app prototype he recently developed as part of his practical placement.

Trying new things, gaining work experience: Students, who are completing a dual study programme at PTV, can look forward to plenty of exciting tasks and projects, fostering self-dependent and goal-oriented working. During the practical period of his degree programme, Devid Vogel, a third-semester Business Computer Science student at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, joined PTV Logistics’ research team and developed an app prototype. He recently presented his results during the company’s internal TechTalk.

The aim was to develop a new prototype based on PTV’s Driver App, which is used for the calculation of arrival times in road transport, and test new functionalities.

“This included features such as voice control, automatic transfer of a trip created by PTV Drive & Arrive or the so-called geofencing feature, which triggers a specific action when crossing area boundaries,” explains Devid, who spent six weeks working on this app project. “I also connected the app via a radio plug, an ODB dongle, so that vehicle data, such as the truck’s fuel consumption, can be send to the app via Bluetooth.“

Devid was actively supported by the entire PTV Research Team. “We quickly realized that Devid was able to handle such a project,” says Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research. “From research and conception to development: The tasks in our team are multifaceted. We wanted to offer Devid an environment that allows him to work independently and creatively.

Devid says: “I’ve already programmed a couple of apps before starting work on this project. The greatest challenge was the new content – so, for instance, I’d never heard of an OBD dongle before. But this also made the whole project so exciting. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved within such a short period of time.”

And the response to the app has been very positive: Colleagues from other departments have shown interest in using the features for future applications.

“These features are certainly inspiring for product management,” states Florian Krietsch. “Over the next few weeks, the new set of functionalities will be reviewed in order to identify which features will finally be included in the application development process. I can well imagine that we will integrate these apps into our AEOLIX research project. This pan-European platform aims to optimize supply chain collaboration, which means geofencing could be a very helpful tool.”