From meeting to workout: Fitness training at PTV

At PTV, colleagues can go directly from their desks to the company’s own fitness centre

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A round on the treadmill in the mornings; yoga at lunch; and evenings on the equipment: At PTV, colleagues can go directly from their desks to the company’s own fitness centre. Trainer Niko Gröning knows that this is a good way to overcome one’s own weaker inner self; we met him for an interview.

Compass: Niko, is it actually easier to motivate people to move if the fitness studio is directly on-site at the company?

Niko Gröning: The time savings is definitely a great advantage. It’s not for nothing that so many fitness studios have many more members than people actually working out. At PTV, you can work out before or after work, or even at lunchtime; you don’t have to pull yourself together and go anywhere.

Compass: The PTV fitness studio is open seven days a week from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. What exactly does it offer?

Niko Gröning: We have a small but well-equipped gym, where we offer something for everyone. There are treadmills, bicycles, a rowing ergometer, special strengthening equipment, and naturally dumbbells too. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of yoga and Pilates classes, spine gymnastics, and TRX training. I would say that we are therefore able to address 90% of members’ requests.

How to workout: Trainer Niko Gröning knows many tips and training instructions.

Compass: Anyone who is new to the PTV fitness studio receives training instruction from you or one of your colleagues. To what do you pay special attention here?

Niko Gröning: First we take a brief case history and ask whether there are movement restrictions or injuries. Of course this is incorporated into the training plan, as are the member’s goals. It’s also important to have a look at day-to-day work. Most PTV employees spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. To counteract this and correct posture, it’s important to strengthen the right muscles.

Compass: Apropos working on the computer. Do you have any tips for how to loosen up in between times in the office?

Niko Gröning: Rotating seats are good for in between times. I grip the back of the chair with my right hand, straighten my thoracic spine up as much as possible, press my left hand against my left knee, and stretch my right side for a few seconds. Relax briefly and then do the same thing on the left. This is a good stretch for the whole back.

Compass: There is an old saying: “A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.” Is there anything to this? Do sports give you energy for day-to-day work?

Niko Gröning: Absolutely! Anyone who increases their physical endurance also increases their physical and mental capacities. This means that when I am physically fit and have a slow, even pulse, I’m mentally much more capable. This is especially evident in top athletes. It takes a lot to fluster somebody who has a resting pulse of 50/60 beats per minute.

Compass: What’s your tip for remaining motivated during training?

Niko Gröning: Ask the question why you want to train. If you have a goal in mind, you can approach the training very specifically. We trainers can help you specify how frequently, with what intensity, and with which exercises you must train in order to reach your goal.

Compass: PTV’s “Health Day” might also be able to help you define your goals…

Niko Gröning: Yes, it will take place at the end of April. On this day, there are a lot of offerings for PTV employees. Lectures about the topic of health, trial courses, and of course many tips for training and healthy life in the office. We’re looking forward to it already.