PTV Group cooperates with FIA at the Formula E race in Rome

Sustainable mobility is the topic at the FIA Smart Cities Forum and the Formula E in Rome. Illustration: Formula E

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PTV presents sustainable mobility solutions at the FIA Smart Cities Forum : Sustainable mobility concepts are becoming increasingly important for the International Automobile Federation FIA. Evidence of this is the electric racing series Formula E. On 14 April 2018, the gladiators of the E-Prix will be conquering the newly created racing track in Rome for the first time – a spectacular highlight in the current season. In the accompanying FIA Smart Cities Forum event, decision-makers from the automobile industry, cities and the industry discuss pioneering scenarios for our mobility of tomorrow. The transport experts at PTV Group will be taking part in the forum.

Mayoress Virginia Raggi initiated the Smart Cities Forum in Rome. PTV CEO Vincent Kobesen welcomes the initiative: “Motor sport is immensely important for the perception of our mobility. It is a great opportunity for representatives from the city and the automobile industry to be working hand in hand here and taking on a visionary role together for Smart Cities.” PTV, as provider of technology, will illustrate how cities can optimise their existing ecosystems for mobility and make them fit for the future. “It is an honour for me to discuss alongside FIA President Jean Todt and Rome’s Mayoress Virginia Raggi about how we can use innovations to improve road safety and the quality of life in our cities in the future.”

Motorsport and particularly Formula E is the pinnacle of e-Mobility technology and PTV is at the pinnacle of smart cities technology as is electric racing for vehicle mobility. The PTV Group plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods and, in addition to its 20 international subsidiaries, has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. Right next to the racing track, not far from the Colosseum in Rome, around 40 employees at PTV Sistema develop software solutions for traffic management in real time.

FIA will introduce its concept for Smart Cities to interested transport planners at the Italian user group meeting for Traffic Software at PTV Sistema on 11 April.

The electric racing series Formula E was successfully introduced four years ago and is enjoying growing popularity alongside the classic Formula 1. The new course in Rome runs through the southern part of the city and has a total length of 2.86 kilometres. This makes Rome the second-longest circuit in the racing calendar after Marrakech.

The Circuto Cittadino dell’EUR includes 21 curves which wind through the south of the Eternal City. Rome will be the sixth venue in the Formula E calendar. After the race on 14 April 2018, the series moves on to Paris, Berlin, Zurich, New York and Montreal.

The FIA Smart Cities Forum in Rome will be an opportunity to discuss how cities facing similar issues as Rome can accelerate the progress towards more efficient, inclusive and environmentally friendly mobility by using of technology and innovations. The Fifth Smart Cities will local authorities, international mobility experts, representatives of global industry players and members of the startup community to share knowledge and experience related to urban mobility transformations. Participants will also have an opportunity to observe the latest innovations in the field of e-racing and learn about their potential transfer to road cars.

The Forum in Rome will address:
– The scope of policies and actions under the Sustainable Mobility Urban Plan;
– The state of the art in innovative smart urban mobility, including infrastructure and traffic management;
– The role of new technologies piloted in Motorsport in advancing sustainable urban development;
– The role of partnership and cooperation in deploying large-scale innovative solutions.