Transport Consult – Celebrating 5 years of success

PTV Transport Consult celebrates its 5th anniversary. (Foto: PTV)

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PTV Group has been providing software and consulting services for the planning and optimization of traffic and transport logistics for around four decades. In 2013, the consulting business was spun off into an independent subsidiary, PTV Transport Consult GmbH (TC). Within the international group of companies, Transport Consult offers sustainable and future-oriented concepts across all fields of transport – with outstanding success. On the occasion of TC Consult’s 5th anniversary, we asked managing director Thomas Ferrero to give us some insight into the company’s successful business development.

Compass:  Congratulations on the 5th company anniversary, which you can celebrate due to the spin off into an independent limited company (GmbH).  What has changed in the meantime?

Thomas Ferrero: PTV has provided consulting services since its foundation. However, the establishment of an independent company focusing entirely on consulting has clearly sharpened and strengthened the perception and profile of our consulting business. Our own corporate identity is now a part of the fabric of our company and we have established ourselves firmly in the market.

Compass: What have been key milestones/highlights over the past 5 years?

Thomas Ferrero: We are very proud of our success, which has far exceeded our expectations. Today, we are one of Germany’s leading consultants, as confirmed by the “Best Consultant” award from the business magazine brand eins und Statista. The spin-off allowed us to concentrate on our core business and thus significantly improve project efficiency. Thanks to the high quality of our consulting services and the good name we have earned in the market, we can report considerable sales growth compared to five years ago. And we have won great lighthouse projects.

Compass: What are the lighthouse projects, can you give us some examples?

Thomas Ferrero: Actually, there are many groundbreaking projects. Examples include the traffic study relating to the complete renovation of the A111 in Berlin, the digital transport concept for the Black Forest National Park in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the large-scale ticket survey for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

Compass: Are you also involved in international projects?

Thomas Ferrero: We are successful worldwide. Abroad, we are involved in many projects, for example in Romania, Cyprus, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The experts of PTV Transport Consult focus on the current issues Mobility 4.0, Sustainability, Commercial Traffic, Transport Economy and Traffic Safety. (Foto: PTV)

Compass: What else makes your company unique?

Thomas Ferrero: TC Consult is the only provider focusing on such a broad range of topics in the field of mobility consulting. We stand out for our extensive expertise combined with a high level of quality awareness. And we approach new topics such as new mobility services and mobility behaviour, electric mobility, alternative forms of public transport and, of course, autonomous driving with curiosity and courage. Our success is also based on our broad network and close cooperation with research and teaching institutes. From small municipalities to large cities or metropolitan regions, from the private sector to public transport companies and associations – for four decades, we have acquired valuable project experience in all these fields. We see ourselves as the leading mobility consultants able to provide professional advice on all current issues.

Compass: Currently, air pollution control is a topic intensely discussed by many cities. What contribution can your company make?

Thomas Ferrero: We perform individual impact analyses for cities, which reveal what measures can help control air pollution. And we are able to create scenarios based on alternative forms of mobility and analyse their impact on the environment as a basis for policy decisions. Our company also develops action plans, including plus/minus calculations that show by what percentage CO2 emissions can be reduced, e.g. through a new bus line or a reduced amount of passenger cars. We can examine a variety of different issues, such as: How much less congestion and thus air pollution can be achieved through intelligent traffic control? Or what is the impact of car sharing systems? In this way, we provide cities with a sound basis for decision-making. The committees of our municipal clients can then discuss and ultimately adopt appropriate implementation measures.

Compass: Where do you see TC Consult in the next 5 years?

Thomas Ferrero: The signs are clearly pointing to growth. Politicians have recognised that sustainable mobility is one of the key issues for the future. And Mobility 4.0 is a new focal point. But climate protection, commercial transport, economic sustainability and Vision Zero as a strategic goal in road safety are also important topics that our transport experts deal with and for which we offer professional advice and support. In addition, there are also new opportunities for us to expand our service portfolio through our new owner, Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

Thomas Ferrero, since 2015 Managing Director of PTV Transport Consult (Foto: PTV)

Compass: What does the success of Transport Consult mean to you personally?

Thomas Ferrero: I have been on board as managing director for three years now. There is a wealth of opportunities to shape our future and I really enjoy working with so many great people. But I am also fascinated by the dynamics of the mobility scene. It is great for our company to be actively involved in shaping the future of mobility. Being responsible for Transport Consult is a highlight of my personal career and I don’t regret taking the helm for one day. However, I can’t really take credit for the great success of our company – it’s definitely the result of the great performance of my colleagues. And that is why we will celebrate our anniversary together this year at our staff party!