Lifelong learning at PTV Academy

PTV Academy offers both professional advanced training classes, as well as courses for personal further development. Photo: W. Sieber

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Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young, whether at twenty or eighty.” We are never done learning. This adage holds even truer today in a world that is constantly changing and in which new challenges await us around every corner. This is why PTV Group gives its employees the opportunity to continue furthering their education by attending seminars and workshops – both at external venues and internally at PTV Academy. Some 250 employees took advantage of this special company offer last year, explains Ines Diez of the PTV HR department in an interview with Compass. 

Compass: Ines, how long has PTV Academy been in existence?

Ines Dietz: PTV has been offering internal continuing education courses for a long time, nearly 20 years now. We have always been aware that our employees are our most important asset. That is why we regard it as vital to promote their development.

Compass: How is the programme structured?

Ines Dietz: It is very diverse (laughs). PTV Academy offers both professional advanced training classes, such as on the topics of internal systems or programming languages, as well as courses for personal further development. Everyone will find something of interest to them, whether on project management, management and presentation techniques, or creativity.

Compass: What courses are especially popular right now?

Ines Dietz: We have experienced strong international growth, so our “Presenting in English” seminar is in high demand. Other hot topics right now include agility, SCRUM, and Design Thinking. Our Agile Basic Workshop, for instance, is always fully booked. Web development, cloud computing, etc. are also gaining in popularity. The PTV Academy programme is always changing since we continually adapt the seminar catalogue to current topics and interests. We also design a lot of courses individually. When a team leader approaches us with a certain topic or question, we sit down together with a trainer and develop the right programme for their needs.

In charge of the PTV Academy since 2015: Ines Diez of the HR department

Compass: Do you always work with external trainers?

Ines Dietz: No, not exclusively. We have a lot of expertise inside the company. We have employees who come up with the idea for a training seminar on their own and prepare both the methodological and teaching components for it. That is of course fantastic! Training seminars on cloud applications or JavaScript, for example, are conducted by colleagues from the Development department. It doesn’t always have to be a whole seminar, however. Many times knowledge is passed on informally, such as within the scope of our Campus Talks or during job rotation while looking over the shoulder of an experienced colleague. This exchange of knowledge is what PTV thrives on.

Compass: PTV Academy is just one part of the company’s Training & Development programme…

Ines Dietz: Yes, that is right. Training & Development encompasses a lot more. It also manages individual and group coaching sessions, the annual personal development talks, and individual consultation. It is important to work together with colleagues on their development paths. This is the only way we can shape our learning culture to strengthen people, further develop their skills, and ensure that PTV remains fit for the future.