PTV Smartour is the “Best Technology Application” in Australia

Andrew Gibbons, PTV Software Developer, received the Mercury Award in Melbourne on behalf of PTV.

PTV Group received the “Best Technology Application” Award for their software Smartour at the Mercury Awards 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Held in partnership with MEGATRANS 2018, a business-to-business trade event, Mercury Awards celebrated outstanding achievement in the logistics and supply chain sector. Based on a customer use case at SEQ Ice Cream, the jury honoured PTV Smartour as a highly efficient and practical solution for route optimisation.

Joost Bekker, PTV Business Development Director Logistics in Australia.

“It is a great acknowledgment of PTV’s proven track record,” comments Joost Bekker, PTV Business Development Director Logistics in Australia. “SEQ Ice Cream not only realised they could support their dispatchers with route optimisation software, but also really embraced the solution and PTV Group is proud they use it both operationally as well as strategically.”

SEQ Ice Cream, a distributor of Unilever Ice Cream, is delivering ice cream in the tropical state of Queensland. The company was searching for a new way to map its routes in order to improve efficiency and increase customer-driver face time and approached PTV to develop a new solution for planning and scheduling. With great success, as Don Mackaness, Distributor, SEQ Ice Cream, points out: “Our drivers have confidence in the system and its abilities and we are looking forward to planning more efficient trips and spending more time with our customers, which is the core aspect of our business.”

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