AEOLIX Success Story – a European flagship project

Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research at PTV, at the workshop in Trieste.

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The entire AEOLIX research team is very happy: The European Commission has highlighted the research project ‘Architecture for European Logistics Information eXchange’ as a success story. 30 partners from all over Europe, including the PTV Group, are working on this pan-European platform, which aims to facilitate the exchange of data and information in logistics and thus enable greater transparency and more effective operations along the supply chain.

“AEOLIX is becoming an important model project for data exchange in logistics throughout Europe. I am honoured to be part of such a wonderful multidisciplinary team working on AEOLIX to create a tool that can remedy shortcomings in the logistics industry,” said Lina Konstantinopoulou, AEOLIX coordinator, about the nomination of the European Commission.

The aim is to enable seamless networking of the various logistics players on both a tactical and strategic level. The platform allows all kinds of real-time data to flow between existing systems and software services – from supply and demand data for transport planning to data relevant to transport execution, such as vehicle positions or the vehicle’s estimated time of arrival.

A workshop in Trieste, Italy, illustrated the network’s great success. In the Trieste-based Living Lab, AEOLIX is used at the port in order to simplify document transfer, booking, status reports and incident and emergency management for several logistics companies. This will make freight transport between the European hinterland and the port a lot more transparent.

“The Living Lab in Trieste has already made good progress. Therefore, it was possible to demonstrate the potential that AEOLIX will open up at the interface between logistics and traffic management,” says Florian Krietsch, Senior Project Manager Logistics Research, who is managing the project on the PTV side. “The local team presented the entire Port Community System and there were numerous discussions and good ideas concerning data and digitisation in logistics.”

The platform will be tested in 12 Living Labs at different places in Europe, taking into account the most diverse logistics areas and challenges in this field.

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