Bonjour Paris: PTV France now in the capital city

The new office of PTV France is situated in the La Defense business district in Paris.

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Paris is the hub of France – not only in politics and culture, but also in the corporate sector. Thus, it is not surprising that after nine years in Cergy (40 km outside Paris), the French PTV branch moved its headquarter to the capital. The brand-new office in the La Defense business district in Paris is modern, open and bright. We’ve interviewed Didier Scellier, PTV managing director for the logistics business in France, about insights about the new office and the current business development.

Compass: Didier, why was the move to Paris so important for you?

Didier Scellier: As a company in France, you become much more attractive when you have your headquarter in Paris – that’s like an unwritten law. In recent years, we have experienced strong growth, and naturally moving to the capital was the next logical step. We are not only closer to our customers, but also right in the middle of the action.  Especially in our business area, it is important to be represented in the world’s metropolises, where a lot is happening in terms of mobility.

Didier Scellier (r), PTV managing director for the logistics business in France, in the new office in Paris.

Compass: The new office is in La DefenSe, Europe’s largest business district …

Didier Scellier: Yes, and I am very happy about that. La Defense is like the heart of the Paris business world. One can feel an incredible amount of positive energy in the whole quarter. That’s inspiring.

Compass: A great environment to work in …

Didier Scellier: Which also applies to our new office. More than 40 colleagues have plenty of space on 500 sqm. Everything is modern and open. And the view is spectacular! We are on the 16th floor of a large office building overlooking Paris. I really enjoy welcoming our customers or partners in the new meeting rooms.

Compass: Which customers are we talking about?

Didier Scellier: In France, PTV is the market leader in the CEP (Courier-Express-Package) market. A large part of the packages in the country are delivered every day with PTV xServer technology. Our solutions help, among other things, to plan and optimize routes. Our customers include LaPoste, TNT and the DPD Group. In recent years, the French market for professional route planning has also experienced rapid development with our PTV Route Optimiser.

“I really enjoy welcoming our customers or partners in the new meeting rooms.”

Compass: What are the topics that currently move your customers?

Didier Scellier: In general, urban logistics is probably the hottest topic at the moment. In times in which more and more people live in our cities and e-commerce is growing rapidly, the question arises of how the delivery traffic of the future can be made secure as well as socially and environmentally compatible. In this field, logistics along with traffic and infrastructure issues converge – our customers have the advantage that we at PTV have always been active in both areas. Furthermore, additional functions such as traffic information, precise arrival time calculation and real-time information have gained in importance. Our customers who use xServer or Route Optimiser, for example, appreciate the easy implementation of such add-ons.

Compass: The PTV France traffic team is based in Strasbourg. What is the cooperation between your two teams like?

Didier Scellier: We work closely together – for example in the field of urban logistics. Our colleagues from Strasbourg are also often with us in Paris. That’s why we offer desks and open spaces for visitors in our new office. Also we’re greatly anticipating October, when an event organized by the Traffic division will take place in our new premises.

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