Changing transport for the better: Meet our mobility experts at the Climate Action in Mobility Conference in Berlin

Meet us at Climate Action in Mobility Conference in Berlin

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Achieving sustainable mobility to fight climate change is at the forefront of discussions at the Climate Action in Mobility Conference, taking place on 27 September in Berlin. The logistics sector alone accounts for approximately one quarter of Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions and still too many private vehicles clog up cities that prioritise cars over people. Many bold decisions have been made to change the status quo. But despite boosting green last mile delivery, shifting to electric mobility and investing in cycling infrastructure as well as Mobility as a Service and public transport, much remains to be done.

Working together with 2,500 cities, we make sure that they have the best tools at hand to establish a balanced mobility ecosystem for all modes of transport, efficiently plan and implement new mobility services and increase the quality of life for their citizens by reducing emissions and other pollutants. Meet our experts, Wolfgang Pelousek and Sofía Salek de Braun, and find out how sustainability and efficiency go together.

Optimise traffic light management and take a holistic approach to city planning
A recent example is the city of Strasbourg in France, where we have reduced stop-and-go traffic along Avenue de Colmar and thereby also decreased emissions by almost 10 per cent. Thanks to our adaptive signal control system, PTV Epics, citizens benefit from less congestion and cleaner air.

But we do not only help cities by merely focusing on traffic and network infrastructure. Urban Strategy powered by our world leading planning software, PTV Visum, provides an all-encompasing smart city dashboard. It offers a complete package to balance the urban sustainable trinity that consists of urban planning, environmental quality and transportation.

Calculate your fleet’s emissions
To help logistics companies like Hermes reduce the impact on the environment, we equip them with fleet planning and optimisation software. With PTV xServer components, they plan, schedule and optimise their truck routes to ensure the most efficient use of their fleet. What is more: PTV xServer’s Emissions Calculation API takes a wide range of factors into account to calculate a fleet’s emissions footprint: Actual mileage, truck attributes, vehicle classes, fuel consumption, the load and further important conditions because setting up ambitious climate goals calls for intelligent software to reach them.

Join our expert in the panel discussion on enabling governments to transform mobility
Together with four representatives from the public as well as the private sector, our mobility and road safety expert, Sofía Salek de Braun, will be on stage to discuss concrete initiatives and actions that enable governments to drive and shape the mobility transformation.

We are also part of the conference’s All Day Expert Fair. Stop by our PTV booth, where we give you insights into our recent projects and collaborations aiming to establish more efficient transport networks, optimise trip and route planning, and help reduce emissions. Let’s deep-dive into best practices and next steps in promoting smart and sustainable mobility.

Join the conversation with our experts at the conference in Berlin and don’t forget to connect with Sofía Salek de Braun and Wolfgang Pelousek on LinkedIn already today.

Find the full conference agenda here.