Istanbul is shaping its future mobility offering

One of Istanbul’s main goals is to improve the quality of life of its citizens with modern mobility solutions. Foto: Pixabay.

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Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, has to face a lot of challenges. One of its main goals is to improve the quality of life of its citizens. To this end, the institutions in charge are increasingly working together on current mobility and transportation issues. The public transport professionals of IETT (Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management) recently came to Karlsruhe to visit our headquarters.

IETT has the mission to regulate and control Istanbul’s public transportation. As a leading institution, its aim is to make urban life easier, to act sustainably and manage alternative energy sources.

When it comes to strategic planning, IETT’s urban planners rely on PTV’s professional software solutions. They use PTV Visum to model the transportation demand for their public fleet in Istanbul. In Karlsruhe, they wanted to learn more about solutions that help them optimise their daily business operations, especially concerning the popular micro transit services over which they do not have much control. However, these services could become important feeders to their bus and rail operations.

PTV MaaS Modeller can help them gain control. This strategic planning tool allows transport planners to assess different MaaS concepts and design their integration with the existing multimodal transport infrastructure.

“For us it was great to hear that the cooperation between tactical and strategic planning institutions is greatly appreciated and is gaining momentum,” says Johan van Ieperen, Solution Director for Public Transport at PTV.

The public transport operator IETT is working together with İSBAK, the Istanbul-based ITS specialist.

f.l.t.r.: Güneş Uyanıker, GIS & Urban Planner (IETT); Sencer Oktav, Transportation planner (İSBAK); Johan van Ieperen, Solution Director Public Transport (PTV); Osman ADIGÜZEL, Manager of the Geographical Information Systems and Technologies Department; Kristina Stifter, Head of Global Communications (PTV). Foto PTV.

Background information:

İSBAK IT and Smart City Technologies Inc., established by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, works in the field of Smart Transportation Technologies. İSBAK’s R&D department and its traffic management expertise make ISBAK Turkey’s first R&D Department in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

İSBAK – Fields of Activity

• Smart City Technology and Applications,
• Local and International Consultancy and Planning Services,
• Intelligent Transportation Systems,
• Transportation Planning and Geographical Information Systems,
• Communication-Vision and City Safety Management Systems,
• Intelligent Lighting Systems,
• Tunnel Management Systems,
• Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

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