Networked Cooperation at PTV Transport Consult

Interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge is taken very seriously at PTV Transport Consult. (Photo: PTV)

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On the occasion of the company’s 5-year anniversary, employees of PTV Transport Consult convened in Deidesheim (in the Palatinate) in October for a big company meeting. This two-day event was used intensively as an informational and strategic event.

While on the first day, the focal point was on general strategic topics, the second day featured a multitude of workshops in which colleagues had the opportunity to discuss current and future topics in interdisciplinary fashion. With nearly 90 participants, many ideas were developed and discussed. Managing Director Thomas Ferrero explains: “It’s important to me that employees not only exchange ideas in their own specialised areas, but are also interested in topics beyond their own so that they can provide innovative impulses. The added value from such interdisciplinary exchange of ideas is enormous.”

As the last employee meeting took place five years ago, the event was also an opportunity, especially for the colleagues who are newer to the company, to get to know each other despite working in different locations and thus to advance the company’s philosophy of networked cooperation.

Now the challenge will be to use and further develop the impulses that arose from these constructive discussions.

Of course in the evening it was time to celebrate the company’s 5-year anniversary as an independent GmbH within the PTV Group.

Approximately 90 clever minds at PTV Transport Consult GmbH assist people with all kinds of questions relating to transport. (Photo: PTV)