Women in Motion: Network for female mobility leaders

The founding members of the Mujeres en Movimiento initiavite, including the PTV Road Safety Ambassador Sofia Salek de Braun (3rd from the left).

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Strengthening the position of women in Latin America in the fields of transport and traffic is the aim of the “Mujeres en Movimiento” (Women in Motion) initiative. The PTV Road Safety Ambassador Sofia Salek de Braun was subsequently called into the circle of founding members. 

“It is a great honor for me to be part of this network,” says the PTV expert, who has been working to improve road safety in her home country Bolivia for years. “Transport, like many other sectors, has a significant under-representation of women. This points to a significant under-utilization of talent. Thus, it is important to proactively promote the advancement of women by increasing their visibility and facilitating an exchange of experiences and actions with peers across geographical borders, to enhance knowledge, bring fresh perspectives and inspire and attract others. I am pretty sure that together and in a gentle way, we can shake up the principles of mobility!”

The new network was launched during the Women Mobilize Women conference, which was initiated by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) in Leipzig in May 2018. Six Latin-American female transport and mobility leaders signed a joint declaration to support women in decision-making, planning and operating transport as well as in mobility policy and in the implementation of projects oriented to the development of sustainable mobility.

“I believe the great value of this network lies in the fact that we are women empowering other women. It’s a space where leaders from different backgrounds get together and strengthen each other’s knowledge, capabilities and efforts to incorporate the gender perspective into our daily work. Our main goal is to encourage active and inclusive female leadership in order to achieve gender equality”, Paula Bisau, Vice-minister of Transport in Buenos Aires, Argentina and founding member, states.

The first activity of the new network was the Seminary “Building Sustainable Leadership”, at the Second Cities Conference in Santiago de Chile in October 2018. 65 female leaders from Latin America connected,  providing impulses to work on the sustainable agenda, together as a team.

“We want to bring female power on the transport agenda. Our next steps are to build a strong and global women network. We will have the opportunity to improve the professionalisation on leadership and strategic management, in order to make sustainable policy happen”, explains Laura Ballesteros, former Vice-minister of Mobility of Mexico City. “In order to achieve that, we are working in an Annual Leadership Program on this topics. We want women to be stronger in their daily missions, giving them more technical skills.”

There are also plans to set up a Leadership Center, which will offer special training in various areas such as management, political communication and creative thinking. An online magazine will be published every six months to provide information on the activities and challenges of Women in Motion. The next Seminary will take place in Washington DC on January 15th, with the support of the World Bank.

Mujeres en Movimiento

Members: Laura Ballesteros Mancilla (México. Substitute Senator. Former Legislator and Vice-minister of Mobility of Mexico CIty.  Liza Castillo (Costa Rica. Adviser of the Ministry of Transport. Former Vice-minister of Transport of Costa Rica). Paola Tapia (Chile. Academic. Former Minister of Transport of Chile). Paula Bisiau (Argentina. Vice-minister of Transport, Buenos Aires).  Daniela Chacón (Ecuador. Councilor of Quito. Former Vice-Mayor). Marta Serrano (Spain. Director of Transport of Madrid).