Next-generation planning intelligence technology for sales – now integrated into Salesforce

PTV’s new route planning app is now available on Salesforce AppExchange: Thorsten Frerk and Matthias Hormuth provide some insight

Efficient field force management is crucial to sales success. In addition to strategic pre-combined trip planning, cloud solutions for mobile resource planning are playing an increasingly important role in sales. PTV Group is now breaking new ground with its new PTV Map&Market 25h app being available in the CRM tool Salesforce. Thorsten Frerk, Director Sales Geomanagement and Matthias Hormuth, Director Solution Management, provide some insight into the latest developments.

Compass: What are the current hot topics in the field of sales management and sales optimization?

Thorsten Frerk: Corporate enterprises have discovered that there’s a lot of untapped sales potential and that individual sales reps no longer have to worry about the identification of the best points of sales they should visit.

Everything is getting faster every day. This also applies to the retail industry. You have to be able to react faster to what is driving the industry and at the same time become more efficient. Moreover, sales promotion campaigns are now carried out several times a year – with less and less time for planning. New requirements are constantly arising, and sales territories are increasingly being redefined. Therefore, companies are looking for intelligent solutions based on advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, that help their sales teams do their job well. The perfect match: Our new appointment suggestion function: It helps you automate appointment scheduling and optimize routes and sales call sequences

Matthias Hormuth: In order to cope with today’s external effects and rapid market movements, it is essential to be able to optimize activities and operations at short notice, so that the field staff can plan their day dynamically and flexibly.

Compass: How widespread is the use of cloud-based software solutions among sales organizations and our customers?

Matthias Hormuth: The dam has broken. Cloud computing is definitely a hot trend in the CRM industry. Both Salesforce and other CRM vendors are already fully committed to it. However, in Germany, companies tend to be more conservative on the types of technologies they take advantage of. Therefore, there are still hosted solutions for those customers who prefer this type of technology.

Thorsten Frerk: There are still some doubts, but even the most conservative businesses are now moving to the cloud.

Compass: What exactly does the partnership with Salesforce entail?

Matthias Hormuth: For the first time, our planning intelligence technology for mobile force scheduling and routing is now integrated into the Salesforce world. All Salesforce users can take advantage of the PTV solution, which helps them manage their sales organization more efficiently. The PTV Map&Market 25h software can now be easily tested, downloaded and used as a new app on  AppExchange at

Professional routing: PTV Map&Market 25h allows to plan working weeks easily

Compass: What are the advantages for our customers?

Thorsten Frerk: It is the ideal solution for every sales representative who visits more than five customers per day. With our solution, sales teams can save around 10 % of the time spent on organizational tasks, enabling them to spend less time in the office and more time with their customers. Our route scheduling tool provides them with specific suggestions as to which additional visits could be made. So you can significantly reduce your planning effort and save valuable time while benefiting from professional routing, including appropriate appointment options for your next visits. Our clients, such as Grohe and CFP Brands, come from different industries, especially from the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industries, but also from the pharmaceutical, lifestyle, healthcare and wellness sectors.

Compass: What makes our solution so unique?

Thorsten Frerk: Our competitors never sleep, but the difference lies in the details. We can take into account fixed appointments, working hours, planned and new sales calls and suggest appropriate sales appointments on this basis. Our application is designed for professionals who want to do more than just use routing à la Google.

Matthias Hormuth: Efficient route scheduling has been our absolute core competence for four decades. Intelligent scheduling of daily routes and appointment recommendations set us apart from other providers. Our solution offers real added value to both operational resource planning teams at the head office and individual employees, who are thus able to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions.

Compass: How much does it cost to use the new app?

Thorsten Frerk: You can test the various applications free of charge before a monthly fee (starting from €39.00 per month) becomes due. The monthly fee then depends on the number of users per month and the range of functions that are ultimately used.

Compass: And what does PTV expect from this new cooperation?

Matthias Hormuth: We expect to gain access to new markets for our field force management services. Our aim is to expand our business into other regions, especially in North and South America as well as in Europe. We are looking forward to being part of this ecosystem. Through joint marketing efforts and concerted approaches, we want to grow in countries where Salesforce is already strong.

Compass: Why is Salesforce important?

Matthias Hormuth: With almost 20 percent market share and impressive growth figures, Salesforce is a large and strategically important market player. Salesforce addresses two target groups: international corporate enterprises, but also many smaller companies, which are a very interesting segment for us. It would be tedious to have to address them all individually.

Compass: Which CRM vendors does PTV work with?

Thorsten Frerk: As a pure technology provider, we are independent of other systems and providers and open in accordance with our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we provide transparent access to our APIs. Our planning and optimization features can be integrated with Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, SAP, C4C CRM and all other CRM/SFA solutions.

Read more about it in our press release.