PTV Group and TNO launch new solution for improving air quality

Lively exchange between PTV Group and TNO.

Almost three years ago, the independent research institute TNO (The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and PTV Group announced to join forces in the fields of mobility and the environment. A lot has happened since then. The TNO platform Urban Strategy has been coupled with the functionalities of the strategic transport planning software PTV Visum, creating an integrated and multi-disciplinary decision-making platform for cities facing complex challenges in terms of congestion and air pollution. They can now quickly test new strategies and policies before implementing them.

Urban Strategy has been used for various projects, such as redevelopments in the Cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam City Harbour. It has also been applied in Shenzhen, China, for the development of a new district where spatial development and mobility planning had to be balanced. Furthermore, it is used in New Delhi, India, for scenarios to limit freight related emissions and in Singapore to optimize the introduction of zero-emission busses.  In addition, Urban Strategy and PTV Optima (a software tool for calculating model-based traffic forecasts using real-time data) were combined for the ‘digital twin’ of Antwerp, led by imec. This digital twin is a highly realistic virtual image of the city itself. It bridges the digital and physical worlds and supports policymakers and area developers in making complex decisions about the quality of urban life.

Urban Strategy powered by PTV Visum was also used in a project financed by the Volkswagen Group to model immissions (concentrations) in four German cities and to assess measures for clean air policies.

More than ever before, public authorities throughout the world are confronted with health and mobility issues. Therefore, PTV Group and TNO have recently decided to take things further. In addition to the existing TNO Urban Strategy Platform, they have now launched a new PTV product focussing on air quality. The new product will enable PTV customers to perform their own air quality studies from within PTV products, including the very fast propagation calculations of emissions to concentrations, and information on exposure of citizens to air pollution.

Environmental Impact Assessment studies help obtain insights into the costs and benefits of a wide range of possible measures relevant to local problems. This new solution will assist cities to plan for a higher quality of life.   

To learn more about Urban Strategy powered by PTV Visum, click here.