PTV Optima or what if you were prepared for every traffic eventuality there is

More than 110 engineers, planners and city officials joined the 27th edition of the German UGM to discuss the latest mobility trends in Karlsruhe.

What’s new, what’s changed? At this year’s annual PTV Traffic User Group Meeting (UGM) in Karlsruhe, engineers, planners and city officials joined us to discuss the latest mobility trends.Read more

Improved quality of life thanks to inner-city logistics

Urban logistics is vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in cities (photo: iStock, Franz Wilhelm Franzelin).

Movement in confined spaces: Leading experts gathered for the 29th Meeting of the Club of Logistics in Hamburg to discuss the issue of “how to combine efficient logistics and quality of life in our cities in the future.” Our CEO, Vincent Kobesen, took part in one of the panel discussions focussing on the importance of logistics – an aspect that should not be neglected when planning and designing urban areas.Read more

AEOLIX: TestFest presents first research results

In different sessions, the technical components (Connectivity Engine, Dashboard, Toolkit) of the AEOLIX Platform were presented. (Photo: Ertico).

The European research project AEOLIX (Architecture for European Logistics Information eXchange), that PTV Group is involved in, was launched just over a year ago (as we reported earlier).Read more

How can the data economy unlock the full potential of European transport?

PTV CEO Vincent Kobesen at the European Transport Forum 2017

Top policy-makers and stakeholders gathered at the European Transport Forum in Brussels to engage in a high-level debate on the potential of the use of data as a tool in transportation. The theme of the 2017 debate, which took place on 17 October, was “How can the data economy unlock the full potential of European transport?”.Read more

Gaining the competitive edge with
PTV Map&Guide

Transport companies need a reliable time, distance and toll calculation to ensure an efficient and on-time delivery.

Previously, we discussed the issues and challenges that the logistics industry is facing, especially within the EU. Due to the problems in the workforce, implementation of local laws, and limited technological interventions, some businesses are struggling to survive against their competitors, resulting in low margins and even bankruptcies.Read more

Snake it up with Python, PyData, PyCon

More than 400 participants met at the ZKM for the PyCon.DE2017 – 10 PTV colleagues among them (Photos: Michael König).

End of October, techies from all over the world gathered in Karlsruhe. The Data Science community met at the ZKM Centre for Art and Media for the PyCon.DE2017 and PyData, a conference dedicated to the Python programming language.Read more

How software solution is bridging the gaps in EU’s logistics sector

PTV Map&Guide enables companies to avoid detours maximising their profits.

EU’s logistics sector is booming and makes up 14% of the total GDP. Retail, e-commerce and manufacturing have propelled its rapid growth, and will only continue to expand year over year. Nonetheless, the sector still has significant challenges to tackle such as problems in the workforce, implementation of local laws, and limited technological interventions.Read more

The increasing importance of data in an ever-evolving transport scenario

Ensuring a transport system that serves society and supports the economy requires many things, but the two most important ones are data and dialogue.

In the case of logistics, no data can even mean no delivery. Top players, like DHL, UPS and Wincanton, have an increasingly high number of geographical data at hand to provide courier services to millions of customers around the world.… Read more

The right partnership to build solutions for a sustainable future

Miller Crockart, PTV Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, talks about MaaS and more in the interview with Traffic Technologie International.

“Integrating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) intelligently with public transport and active mobility modes will be the crucial factor in market success.” In the interview with Traffic Technology International, our Vice President  Sales & Marketing Traffic Miller Crockart explains how the combination of MaaS, real-time traffic prediction, vehicle autonomy and public transport will pave the way for a more intelligent movement of people and goods.Read more

Mexico: The delivery of goods is a matter of life or death

It is crucial that trucks can take the supplies to the affected towns. Photo: Aryana Benavides / David Valdovinos

Mexico suffered from two major earthquakes during the past two weeks. On behalf of the Undersecretary of Infrastructure of the Nation, the General Director of the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT) contacted Vicente Torres, our managing director in Mexico, and asked for help.Read more