The Age of Intelligent Algorithms: AI at PTV

PTV experts discuss about AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theme of Science Year 2019 as announced by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. No wonder: Intelligent IT systems have an impact on all areas of our lives, offering a multitude of opportunities. This topic is also on PTV’s agenda – intelligent algorithms and innovation have always been part of the company’s DNA.Read more

PTV Group and TNO launch new solution for improving air quality

Lively exchange between PTV Group and TNO.

Almost three years ago, the independent research institute TNO (The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and PTV Group announced to join forces in the fields of mobility and the environment. A lot has happened since then. The TNO platform Urban Strategy has been coupled with the functionalities of the strategic transport planning software PTV Visum, creating an integrated and multi-disciplinary decision-making platform for cities facing complex challenges in terms of congestion and air pollution.Read more

How one woman managed to (finally) put road safety on the agenda in Bolivia

The Bolivian capital La Paz is one of the cities for which road safety activities were developed.

Despite having only about half the world’s motor vehicles, low-middle income countries (LMICs) account for over 90% of the worldwide road traffic deaths. In Bolivia, 23.2 people per 100,000 inhabitants are killed on the road each year (WHO, 2015).Read more

Next-generation planning intelligence technology for sales – now integrated into Salesforce

PTV’s new route planning app is now available on Salesforce AppExchange: Thorsten Frerk and Matthias Hormuth provide some insight

Efficient field force management is crucial to sales success. In addition to strategic pre-combined trip planning, cloud solutions for mobile resource planning are playing an increasingly important role in sales.Read more

From research to practice

Students from the Nottingham Trent University visited the PTV headquarters.

We recently hosted students from Nottingham Trent University at our head office. They came to Karlsruhe to learn more about interesting examples of best practice and exciting infrastructure projects.

Tobias Kretz, Product Manager PTV Viswalk, and Kristina Stifter, Head of Global Communications at PTV Group, gave some insights into PTV’s wide range of services.… Read more

PTV Data Analytics

How can the mobility of the future be better shaped with data?

Traffic can be more easily and professionally planned, modelled, simulated, optimised, predicted and finally controlled in real time when using the right data. Data is the lifeblood of all our software products for optimising traffic and transport logistics and the fuel for value creation for our customers.Read more

In search of lost time: Big Data in transport logistics

TransformingTransport – the lighthouse project providing interesting findings on losing and gaining time.

The EU project TransformingTransport looks at ways to use Big Data in order to increase transport efficiency and generate environmental benefits. Various areas of application are examined in pilot projects. Jasmin Graf, who is managing the Sustainable Connected Trucks project on the PTV side, explains how lost time can be recovered, saving both time and money.Read more

Working at the forefront of the booming Indian automotive industry

f.l.t.r. Waldemar Epple (AEN), Thomas Benz (PTV), Andre Fischbeck (IPG), Kristina Stifter (PTV) in dialogue with Mr Mangesh R. Saraf (ARAI) at PTV headquarters.
f.l.t.r. Waldemar Epple (AEN), Thomas Benz (PTV), Andre Fischbeck (IPG), Kristina Stifter (PTV) in dialogue with Mr Mangesh R. Saraf (ARAI) at PTV headquarters.

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) from Pune visited the PTV Group in Karlsruhe to learn from European use cases and technologies – organised by the Automotive Engineering Network (AEN).Read more