Millions of people are on the move and want to arrive safely – anywhere in the world: whether they travel to their places of work, go shopping or make a journey. At the same time goods are transported daily to destinations around the world. Globalization has made the world seem smaller. But transport distances have become longer. Even though many people use public transport or ride a bicycle for short trips, the level of motorization is continually increasing throughout the world and climate protection is becoming increasingly important. People and goods need to arrive at their destination quickly, cost-efficiently and safely – a balancing act for planners. PTV Group is committed to meeting the requirements of the future and taking an active part in shaping it in a responsible manner. To this end, the company provides advanced software solutions and consulting services and is involved in forward-looking projects. Moreover, PTV is an active member of political, business and scientific associations as well as supranational networks.

Mobility requires a dense and carefully coordinated network of planning and management. This blog provides you with up-to-date reports on software, projects and innovative minds that contribute to future-orientated mobility.


Petra Gust-Kazakos joined PTV in 1998. She holds a Master degree in German and English Language and Literature from Heidelberg University. After her graduation, she worked at a newspaper and PR & advertising agency. As PR Manager at PTV Group she is responsible for internal and external communications relating to the Group and research.


Following an apprenticeship as publishing manager at Stuttgarter Zeitung, Kristina  Stifter studied Business Administration with a major in Marketing & Sales.  Prior to joining PTV in 1995, Kristina worked for a Munich-based national distributor of magazines and newspapers. As Head of Global Communications she is responsible for all external and internal communications across PTV Group.

Social media specialist Stefanie Schmidt joined the Global Communications team in 2017. She studied Journalism and Educational Theory at the University of Karlsruhe. After completing her Bachelor’s degree she worked as an editor for a women’s magazine before entering the public relations profession. In her previous job she worked for the social media department of a tourism company.


Lena Messemer studied International Management with a Tourism-Major in the Netherlands and Spain and spent a student internship in the USA. After graduating with a BBA she worked in Australia before specializing in Social Media at a german tour operator. In 2016 she joined PTV as Social Media Specialist in the global communications department.

About_Anna Wiegel_72

Anna Wiegel joined PTV in 2015. As a Marketing Communication Specialst she supports the subsidiaries in their external  communication. After graduating in „Electronic Media“ she was responsible for the operational marketing in a software company.


Prior to joining PTV in 1998, Ira Steinhoff studied Business Administration at Mannheim University. After her graduation, she worked for an SAP system house where she was responsible for PR and Marketing. Between 1999 and 2008 she was in charge of PTV’s customer magazine. As PR Manager at PTV Group her main responsibilities now include PR and Marketing for PTV’s business unit Logistics DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

Katharina Ochner joined PTV’s Logistics DACH team as PR & Marketing Manager in 2014. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Cologne. Her thesis focussed on trend research and futurology for companies. She gained hands-on experience in journalism at a PR agency.

Before joining PTV Group as a Marketing Communications Specialist in 2017, Verena Hochrein worked as a science communicator at a research institute and completed a traineeship at a PR agency specializing in IT communications. She studied English and American Studies as well as Scandinavien Studies at Freiburg University and Uppsala University.


Franziska Pfaff became part of the Corporate Marketing team of PTV in 2016. As Marketing Communication Specialist she is responsible for global product communication – offline and online. She started her career as public relations manager at the city marketing of Karlsruhe. Before that she studied political science and European public law.

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