About Azhar Ahmad

Azhar Ahmad joined PTV Group as Marketing Communication Specialist in 2017. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Communications at the University of South Australia, he became a writer for a men's magazine in Malaysia where he then honed his copywriting skills for lifestyle and corporate companies. He is now responsible for creating online and offline contents at PTV Group.

PTV SISTeMA co-author award-winning paper on short-term traffic forecasting

Alessandro Attanasi with the award…a Marinella tie!

Our experts from PTV SISTeMA in Italy  has recently been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the IEEE-MT-ITS International Conference in Napoli.

Alessandro Attanasi, Lorenzo Meschnini, Marco Pezzula co-authored the research paper on “A Hybird Method for Real-Time Short-Term Predictions of Traffic Flows in Urban Areas” together with Gaetano Fusco, Guido Gentile, Natalia Isaenko of University of Rome “Sapienza”.… Read more

Going beyond the supply chain at SCTECH 2017

Meet PTV Group at Booth 1142 at SCTECH 2017 in Mexico City!

One of the most important business areas in the industrial facility is the supply chain. This is the point of operations that not only determine distribution efficiency but also the quality of the product a customer buys.Read more

PTV Group joins IRF on a mission to provide safer and better roads

PTV Group becomes IRF member

In 1948, the International Road Federation (IRF) was founded in Washington D.C and supported by regional offices throughout the world.

Today, IRF is active in 118 countries and still growing, with its latest member, the PTV Group. Announced today at ITS Strasbourg 2017, PTV Group is proud to be one of the members in the IRF’s professionally-connected network.… Read more

PTV Group and TNO join forces on the path towards smarter, healthier cities


PTV Group and research institute TNO sign cooperation agreement: Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV, and Leo Kusters, Managing Director Urbanisation at TNO.

There were times when urban planning used to be drawn on paper maps and then shifted to data. But that is about to change with the introduction of Urban Strategy with PTV Visum.Read more