Precise, accurate, reliable – new static speeds for better route calculation

Excellent maps – the basis for accurate route calculation (image: istock sturti)

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In logistics, every kilometre and every minute counts. Inaccuracies in calculating routes, no matter how small, sum up and can cause high costs in the end. Accuracy is therefore key.… Read more

How to supply 300 food retailers in just one night

Food wholesaler Okle managed to dispense one entire truck thanks to route planning with PTV Smatour.

Around 300 independent food retailers await the arrival of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and sausage products, dairy products and frozen foods from Okle every night. The German wholesaler supplies almost 300 partners with regional products and strives to develop customer relationships that are based on trust.Read more

Already made a delivery today?

Urban Logistics – this is the motto of PTV Group’s trade fair portfolio for this year’s “transport logistic”.
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Logistical solutions for city centres are the focus of the PTV Group’s exhibition at transport logistic in Munich. From 9 to 12 May, the software specialist for logistics, transport and traffic will be at stall 401/502 in hall B2 introducing its logistical solutions for modern city centres and presenting current product highlights from the areas of route planning, real-time notification and system integration.Read more

You are looking for an ETA? Better trust the expert

PTV Drive&Arrive provides you with an accurate ETA for dynamic approach management and warehousing processes.

The delivery information you receive from your logistics partners and their telematics systems are not enough. You want to know exactly when to expect a delivery. The solution: an ETA (estimated time of arrival) calculator.Read more

ETA and data protection – the key to logistics 4.0

Allowing for secure and automatic data exchange along the supply chain: PTV Drive&Arrive

Digitally connecting all partners of the supply chain, increasing efficiency and transparency – that is the idea of so called logistics 4.0. Since more and more companies in the sector digitise their business by using software for order, warehouse or fleet management, route planning or telematics, and control their processes via cloud solutions, this idea is technically already possible.Read more

How Crosswater saved £36k with route optimisation

Bathroom retailer Crosswater Ltd. improved vehicle utilisation, reduced costs and controlled mileage with PTV Route Optimiser.

The goal: reducing costs, optimising vehicle utilisation, connecting the system to the existing IT infrastructure and saving planning time – bathroom retailer Crosswater Ltd. had high expectations when purchasing PTV Route Optimiser.Read more

Saving money with route optimisation in the cloud

Route planning and fleet optimisation wherever you are – with the cloud-based PTV Route Optimiser.

10% – this is how much a company can save on average by using PTV Route Optimiser, the flexible solution for strategic transport planning and daily route scheduling. The tool can easily be accessed via the internet and helps to cut operational costs, improve efficiency and raise customer service levels.Read more

How Tielbeke improved its service with accurate arrival times

Delivering 3,000 shipments per day on time – with the ETA of PTV Drive&Arrive

Companies are getting spoilt. They will no longer put up with deliveries arriving “sometime in the afternoon”, they want to know exactly when the delivery vehicle will turn up at their door.Read more

Promoting traffic research in Africa

Prospective traffic engineers learning how to optimise signal control at the lights lab of SSML

Prospective traffic engineers learning how to optimise signal control at the lights lab of SSML

Ever since its foundation as a university spin-off, close cooperation with partners and research facilities has been a top priority at PTV. The Group has established a global network, reaching from its German hometown Karlsruhe to universities and researchers all over Europe, America, Asia and even Africa.Read more

Microsimulation – what is it good for?

Alastair Evanson, Solution Director for PTV Vissim and our expert for microsimulation

“Are you playing computer games again?” – this is a question microsimulation experts often get asked when modelling traffic. Of course they are not, but is there really such a big difference between microsimulation and a game like Sim City?Read more