Saving money with route optimisation in the cloud

Route planning and fleet optimisation wherever you are – with the cloud-based PTV Route Optimiser.

10% – this is how much a company can save on average by using PTV Route Optimiser, the flexible solution for strategic transport planning and daily route scheduling. The tool can easily be accessed via the internet and helps to cut operational costs, improve efficiency and raise customer service levels.Read more

How Tielbeke improved its service with accurate arrival times

Delivering 3,000 shipments per day on time – with the ETA of PTV Drive&Arrive

Companies are getting spoilt. They will no longer put up with deliveries arriving “sometime in the afternoon”, they want to know exactly when the delivery vehicle will turn up at their door.Read more

Promoting traffic research in Africa

Prospective traffic engineers learning how to optimise signal control at the lights lab of SSML

Prospective traffic engineers learning how to optimise signal control at the lights lab of SSML

Ever since its foundation as a university spin-off, close cooperation with partners and research facilities has been a top priority at PTV. The Group has established a global network, reaching from its German hometown Karlsruhe to universities and researchers all over Europe, America, Asia and even Africa.Read more

Microsimulation – what is it good for?

Alastair Evanson, Solution Director for PTV Vissim and our expert for microsimulation

“Are you playing computer games again?” – this is a question microsimulation experts often get asked when modelling traffic. Of course they are not, but is there really such a big difference between microsimulation and a game like Sim City?Read more

From Kiosk to Commercial Kitchen: Lautertal Ensures

“I cannot imagine anything better than PTV Smartour.” Markus Neiheisel, Lautertal C+C GmbH & Co. KG

Tight delivery time slots, pedestrian areas, limited parking spaces for trucks – as a food wholesaler, Lautertal C+C GmbH & Co. KG has to overcome all of the constraints of inner-city deliveries, while at the same time meeting the needs of customers in rural areas.Read more

How Hogs Back Brewery saves fuel and costs by optimising deliveries

“We save miles and money, the drivers are doing less hours and we’ve got room to grow.” Nigel Hyde, Hogs Back Brewery

“I would recommend Route Optimiser to any business that is wanting to save money and improve their business in a whole.” Nigel Hyde, Trade Manager at Hogs Back Brewery, knows what he is talking about.Read more

Bringing PTV Group logistics solutions to the U.A.E.

Fruitful collaboration: Nektarios Triantafyllidis (PTV Group) and Nadia Abdul Aziz (NAFL)

How can I improve my transport logistics operations in the MENA region? What are the market trends and how do I tackle the challenges of Urban Logistics? With these questions in mind, more than 70 decision-makers and experts from transport logistics an d shipping industry came together at PTV Group’s first Logistics Solutions Launch in Dubai on November 27.Read more

Why do we need real-time model based forecast?

Luca Paone

Luca Paone, Solution Director for PTV Optima and our expert for real-time modelling.

Instead of being stuck in traffic, you could be enjoying a good Italian coffee. Luca Paone, expert on real-time modelling and Solution Director for PTV Optima, explains how.

Road networks are complex systems, in which even minor changes can alter the whole traffic situation.… Read more

The Benefits of Modelling Public Transport

Ralf Frisch

Ralf Frisch, Solution Director at PTV Group, is a strong supporter and fan of public transport.

Karlsruhe, PTV Group’s hometown, is currently under construction: A tunnel is being built to transform the tram into a subway. This project is said to enhance public transport and to decrease congestions in the inner-city.Read more

Keeping up with the urban times: Fresenius Kabi plans with PTV Smartour

Fresenius Kabi AG, Logistik Werk Friedberg, 01.10.2015 (c) Team Uwe Nölke | Fotografie & Film für Menschen & Unternehmen, D-61476 Kronberg, Brunnenweg 21, T +49 6173 321413,,

Fresenius Kabi AG, (c) Team Uwe Nölke

Hospitals and clinics, medical supply stores, doctors’ practices, nursing homes and home care: vital medicines and medical products have to reach patients on time. To ensure this, Fresenius Kabi Logistik GmbH has around 120 vehicles on the road in Germany every day.Read more