FIT honours Xavier Ros-Roca for his research work on transport science

Xavier Ros-Roca at the “III Scientific Campus for Young Researchers” Congress in Madrid.

We are very proud that the FIT (Foro de Ingeniería del Transporte) honoured Xavier Ros-Roca for the research work he is conducting with PTV Group Software within the context of his Ph.D. at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).Read more

PTV Group and TNO launch new solution for improving air quality

Lively exchange between PTV Group and TNO.

Almost three years ago, the independent research institute TNO (The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and PTV Group announced to join forces in the fields of mobility and the environment. A lot has happened since then. The TNO platform Urban Strategy has been coupled with the functionalities of the strategic transport planning software PTV Visum, creating an integrated and multi-disciplinary decision-making platform for cities facing complex challenges in terms of congestion and air pollution.Read more

How one woman managed to (finally) put road safety on the agenda in Bolivia

The Bolivian capital La Paz is one of the cities for which road safety activities were developed.

Despite having only about half the world’s motor vehicles, low-middle income countries (LMICs) account for over 90% of the worldwide road traffic deaths. In Bolivia, 23.2 people per 100,000 inhabitants are killed on the road each year (WHO, 2015).Read more

CoEXist: transport modelling software is now automated vehicle-ready

The CoEXist Project Team came together at the end of 2018 at the PTV Group headquarters.

Autonomous driving will fundamentally change our mobility in the future. The research project CoEXist, that PTV is involved in, aims at preparing the transition phase during which self-driving and conventional vehicles will co-exist on urban roads.Read more

Focus on eMobility: E-scooters are booming

E-scooters are conquering German cities (Photo: Coup)

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

E-bikes have been booming for a while already. Precisely in urban areas, however, the latest trend in e-mobility is becoming apparent: E-scooters. On the overfilled streets of India and China, scooters have already established themselves as an alternative to cars, and here too, agile scooters are advancing.Read more

Mobility as a Service – How to make it happen for fleet operators, cities and passengers

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Co-authored by Devrim Kara, Director UK & Ireland and Michael Oliver, Solution Director PTV Visum, PTV Group.

Ride-sharing versus car-sharing

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is seen as one of the Next Big Things in transportation, allowing people to seamlessly plan and pay for door-to-door multi-modal journeys. Read more

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The Ultimate Traffic Optimization: Adaptive signal control with real-time predictive modeling

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Co-authored by Shaleen Srivastava, Vice President and Regional Director (Americas), PTV Group and Jim Benson, Strategic Alliance and Marketing Director, Intelligent Cities, Current, powered by GE.

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living.… Read more

Future-proof road safety in Saudi Arabia

Muhammad Farhan, Ph.D., from the Saudi Aramco Chair for Traffic Safety Research.

There are currently 27 traffic fatalities a day in Saudi Arabia. About 70% of the victims are under the age of 30 – unfortunately, this tragic number keeps growing. Thus, it is high time that road safety in the region becomes a top priority in the academic field as well as in the public and private sector.Read more

Management change in the field of Public Transport

Ralf Frisch und Peter Mott

Ralf Frisch and Peter Mott

Efficient public transportation is becoming increasingly important worldwide. The goal is to align the transportation system of the future to meet people’s needs. In an interview, Dr. Peter Mott, most recently Director of Business Development for Public Transport at PTV, looks back and reports on his 33-year career and current developments in the field of Public Transport as he begins his retirement.Read more

Many good reasons to celebrate


Sweet opening for the redesigned ground floor of the PTV Headquarter with Mayor Mentrup and CEO Kobesen

At the end of June, we had a number of reasons to celebrate at PTV Group’s head office in Karlsruhe:  We officially opened the redesigned ground floor and held a panel discussion with high-calibre experts.Read more