Why cities need mobility disruptive technologies

There is one thing that almost all cities around the world have in common: their streets are congested with cars, causing traffic jams and accidents, polluting the air and taking up an immense amount of the highly contested urban space. More and more local authorities try to tackle the problem by setting up restrictions and banning cars from the city centres.Read more

Autonomous vehicles: increasing road safety?

The increase of autonomous vehicles will affect road safety and traffic planning (© Chesky_W)

The first known death caused by a self-driving car was disclosed by Tesla Motors in June 2016. An incident that, if we believe the media, is sure to cause consumers to second-guess the trust they put in the booming autonomous vehicle industry.Read more

Real time: The solution for transport resilience in cities?

New York

How can you ensure the transport resilience of your city? PTV has the answers.

On June 3rd something unusual happened in Paris: For the first time since World War Two the Louvre had to call Volunteers to help move its treasures to upper floors. The Seine had peaked its highest level in more than 30 years and threatened to flood the cellar of the museum and whole parts of the city.Read more