A great combination: Public transport and autonomous vehicles (1)

Autonomous and electric mobility in public transport

Autonomous public transport vehicles have substantial potential: Additional services combined with greater flexibility are the basis for highly attractive and efficient concepts, especially for rural areas. And e-mobility will make the whole approach even more sustainable. This time our interviewee is Petra Strauß, Head of Public Transport Planning and Assessment at PTV Transport Consult.Read more

Will it still be possible to achieve the Federal Government’s climate goals for 2030?

Strategies for climate protection: We spoke with Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther, Head of Global Research at PTV.

Strategies for climate protection: We spoke with Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther, Head of Global Research at PTV and one of the three scientific coordinators of the Mobility and Fuel Strategy (MFS) of the German Government.Read more

In search of lost time: Big Data in transport logistics

TransformingTransport – the lighthouse project providing interesting findings on losing and gaining time.

The EU project TransformingTransport looks at ways to use Big Data in order to increase transport efficiency and generate environmental benefits. Various areas of application are examined in pilot projects. Jasmin Graf, who is managing the Sustainable Connected Trucks project on the PTV side, explains how lost time can be recovered, saving both time and money.Read more

PTV Transport Consult: New premises, great projects

PTV Transport Consult is in charge of construction supervision / site management during the conversion of the tunnel control centre in Hamburg.

The Stuttgart branch of PTV Transport Consult has moved to a new office. In an interview with branch manager Dr.-Ing. Hagen Schüller, we talked not only about the new premises, but also about exciting projects that his team is currently working on.Read more

Urban Logistics: A way out

Wanted: Approaches to relieve urban logistics. Photo: Geralt/Pixabay

We need urban logistics, even though it often annoy us: it makes our lives easier, provides us with supplies and disposes of what we no longer need. But air pollution, noise pollution and dense roads are unfortunately part of it.Read more

Moving people and goods faster with automotive data from Otonomo

PTV started using Otonomo data as an additional data source to calibrate existing models. Heatmap FCD records of Ital

We need high-quality data to keep the world moving. As a software company, we incorporate large, disparate datasets into models and planning tools that help cities, companies, and people save money, enhance road safety, and minimize the environmental impact of traffic flows.Read more

Good basis for cargo clustering

Freight tetris: Automated loading of a special platform (New Modal Unit Platform) outside the truck is currently being tested for the EU project Clusters 2.0

Freight tetris is not as fun as the term may suggest. One of the special challenges facing transport logistics is to arrange different pieces of freight on pallets as space-savingly and efficiently as possible.Read more

Heading towards DiverCity

The Corporate Partnership Board of the ITF launched a gender initiative in Paris on 8 March 2019. Photo: Participants of the workshop ‘Recruiting and Retaining a Gender-Diverse Workforce’

Better opportunities for women in the transport and logistics industry! This is the aim of a new initiative launched by the Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) of the International Transport Forum (ITF) on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.Read more

Renaissance of pedestrian traffic

Will pedestrian traffic – the classic form of mobility – experience a renaissance? Photo: Pixabay

Healthy, environmentally friendly, free of charge: Walking offers many benefits. At least theoretically. But in practice, pedestrians sometimes have the impression that they do not have the same rights as the other road users.Read more

Mobility concept of the City of Landau (Palatinate) based on public participation

The citizens of Landau are actively involved in the planning process of the mobility concept for the City which is currently developed by PTV Transport Consult.

The active participation of citizens in specific transport planning projects or even general traffic-related framework planning have become an important factor in recent years, and rightly so.Read more