Improved quality of life thanks to inner-city logistics

Urban logistics is vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in cities (photo: iStock, Franz Wilhelm Franzelin).

Movement in confined spaces: Leading experts gathered for the 29th Meeting of the Club of Logistics in Hamburg to discuss the issue of “how to combine efficient logistics and quality of life in our cities in the future.” Our CEO, Vincent Kobesen, took part in one of the panel discussions focussing on the importance of logistics – an aspect that should not be neglected when planning and designing urban areas.Read more

AEOLIX: TestFest presents first research results

In different sessions, the technical components (Connectivity Engine, Dashboard, Toolkit) of the AEOLIX Platform were presented. (Photo: Ertico).

The European research project AEOLIX (Architecture for European Logistics Information eXchange), that PTV Group is involved in, was launched just over a year ago (as we reported earlier).Read more

Snake it up with Python, PyData, PyCon

More than 400 participants met at the ZKM for the PyCon.DE2017 – 10 PTV colleagues among them (Photos: Michael König).

End of October, techies from all over the world gathered in Karlsruhe. The Data Science community met at the ZKM Centre for Art and Media for the PyCon.DE2017 and PyData, a conference dedicated to the Python programming language.Read more

The right partnership to build solutions for a sustainable future

Miller Crockart, PTV Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, talks about MaaS and more in the interview with Traffic Technologie International.

“Integrating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) intelligently with public transport and active mobility modes will be the crucial factor in market success.” In the interview with Traffic Technology International, our Vice President  Sales & Marketing Traffic Miller Crockart explains how the combination of MaaS, real-time traffic prediction, vehicle autonomy and public transport will pave the way for a more intelligent movement of people and goods.Read more

How should we organise mobility in urban spaces?

In the interview with the PTV Compass Blog, Philippe Crist, Project Manager at ITF, talks about the mobility of the future.

New forms of mobility – from sharing services and autonomous vehicles to mobility as a service – will exert a strong influence on life in the city.Read more

PTV Insights: Staying perfectly flexible thanks to Donuts

How to make perfect donuts? The PTV agile coaches Anna Baumann(l.) and Silke Notheis tell us all about it.

Every now and then, our canteen offers a selection of donuts. But in a way, they are omnipresent throughout our company.  Because: At PTV, our Agile teams, that work on new, innovative products and releases for traffic, transport and logistics, are called “Donuts”.Read more

Match me if you can: Networking lunch with PTV Roulette

PTV employee Michael Hubschneider (r.) and Jochen Foldenauer enjoying their “random” lunch at the canteen.

The English word Serendipity describes the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. This is what happens when you take part in PTV Roulette.Read more

PTV Insights: Women in IT

Farnaz Tepper is a geo computer scientist and since 2015 head of the Additional Content team at PTV Group

Women in tech-related positions have long been regarded as a true rarity. But has the situation improved in recent years? We talked with Farnaz Tepper about women in tech.Read more

On its way to becoming a Smart City: Indian City of Pune

Iris Becker (centre) represents the Karlsruhe India Board Network in the Indian City of Pune and maintains close ties with PTV.

Last weekend, the first India Summer Days took place in Karlsruhe (please also read our report).  We have seized the opportunity to conduct an interview with Iris Becker from Let’s Bridge IT.Read more

Premiere for India Summer Days – Business, Yoga and Bollywood

A truly colourful programme will be presented at the first India Summer Days in Karlsruhe (15 – 16 July) (Photo: KEG)

German quality meets Indian culture and way of life – that’s the moment when fresh ideas can be put into practice. So it is now for the first time that the India Summer Festival takes place in Karlsruhe, from 15 – 16 July, in parallel to Karlsruhe’s Pre-Festival (Vor-Fest).Read more