The PTV brand: How a rough diamond became a gem

Since 1995, Kristina Stifter, Head of Global Communications, has been part of the PTV family

We have been shaping the future since 1979: In 2019, PTV Group will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. This is why this year’s blog posts will be dedicated to topics that have moved us for four decades and still do.Read more

Women in Motion: Network for female mobility leaders

The founding members of the Mujeres en Movimiento initiavite, including the PTV Road Safety Ambassador Sofia Salek de Braun (3rd from the left).

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Strengthening the position of women in Latin America in the fields of transport and traffic is the aim of the “Mujeres en Movimiento” (Women in Motion) initiative.Read more

Driverless Vehicles – Collaboration is key

Fully autonomous vehicles are seen as the Next Big Thing in transport.  (Photo:iStock)

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There are many questions about connected and autonomous vehicles. How should they be programmed to fit in with the infrastructure and current driving patterns? Will they change the current driving patterns?Read more

PTV Insights: Exciting research topics in the transport sector

PTV researcher Eileen worked in the Colombian metropolis of Medellín for two years.

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What will the smart stop look like with tomorrow’s networked mobility? Is transport with E-trucks a possibility for logistics? How will autonomous and conventional vehicles interact on our roads in the future?Read more

PTV wins “Best MaaS Project Award”

The award was presented to Devrim Kara, PTV Managing Director in the UK & Ireland, at the Smart Travel Live! conference.

The PTV Showcase for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in Barcelona was honoured with the “Best MaaS Project Award”. The prize was presented to Devrim Kara, PTV Managing Director in the UK & Ireland, at the Smart Travel Live!Read more

Prepared in case of emergency: Greater security for bridges and tunnels

PTV Transport Consult develops risk analyses in order to eliminate weak points in a tunnel and optimise rescue measures.

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Our road network is inconceivable without bridges and tunnels. They help save time in overcoming hurdles and bottlenecks and contribute to making traffic and transportation more effective, safer, and eco-friendlier.Read more

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Bonjour Paris: PTV France now in the capital city

The new office of PTV France is situated in the La Defense business district in Paris.

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Paris is the hub of France – not only in politics and culture, but also in the corporate sector. Thus, it is not surprising that after nine years in Cergy (40 km outside Paris), the French PTV branch moved its headquarter to the capital.Read more

PTV Insights: Route planning with PTV Route Optimiser

Leo Gast, PTV Product Manager Components and Navigation

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Our customers optimise 30 million routes every day, not only saving a lot of money, but also reducing emissions. For those who do not know PTV Route Optimiser, Leo Gast, Product Manager for Components and Navigation,

30 million routes are optimised by our customers every day, not only saving a great deal of time and money but also protecting the environment.… Read more

Focus on eMobility: “The infrastructure must be intelligent”

Oliver Deuschle (r.) and Marco Masur of the EnBW brand SMIGHT.

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In the smart city of tomorrow, networking will play an important role. In the second part of our interview, Oliver Deuschle, Director of the EnBW brand SMIGHT and Marco Masur, Manager for eMobility solutions, talk about challenges and opportunities for energy providers on the electromobility market.Read more

Focus on eMobility: “Infrastructure for e-cars isn’t the problem.”

“Even though we are still building up the network, no-one needs to worry that they won’t find a point to recharge” says Marco Masur, EnBW.

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Anyone buying an electric car today can enjoy ever-increasing coverage. According to a calculation by the corporate consultants Horváth & Partners, electric vehicles newly licensed in 2017 achieved an average range of 300 km, 10 percent more than in 2016.Read more