PTV Insights: Snacking for a good purpose

Association chair Marc Zimmermann (r.) and treasurer Marcus Thäle are standing in front of the “Napf”.

There is a quick remedy for anyone at PTV who finds themselves in a sugar low: In the “Napf” (bowl) on each floor, there are chocolate bars, jelly babies, nuts, etc.Read more

The Electrified City: Opportunities and Challenges for Southeast Asia

The German delegates of the travelling conference, including Tanja Schäfer (f.l.), PTV Senior Project Manager Sustainable Transport, visiting the partner university in Bangkok.

How can electrification of cities in Southeast Asia contribute to a more sustainable development? This major issue of concern to Asian cities was part of the agenda of the travelling conference “The Electrified City” financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).Read more

Fun at work: Who has good cards at PTV during the lunch hour?

Lunch break on the PTV Campus: colleagues from different departments are playing Tichu.

Lunchtime on the PTV Campus at the headquarters in Karlsruhe. While most colleagues drink coffee and talk, two tables truly stand out. For there, people are playing cards. A group of ten to twelve people meets every day during lunch to play Tichu.Read more

PTV offers students scope for new ideas

Business Computer Science student Devid Vogel presented the app prototype he recently developed as part of his practical placement.

Trying new things, gaining work experience: Students, who are completing a dual study programme at PTV, can look forward to plenty of exciting tasks and projects, fostering self-dependent and goal-oriented working.Read more

Compass highlights of the year 2017

2017 was a tumultuous, very exciting year for us at PTV.

Yes, it’s almost here. New Year’s Eve, that is. Time to reflect on the past 12 months. 2017 was a tumultuous, very exciting year for us at PTV – Porsche SE acquired PTV, we launched our MaaS Accelerator program and opened our Mobility Lab in Karlsruhe.Read more

PTV Insights: A glance into our PTV Research Team

Enriching the PTV Research Team since 2017: Charlotte Fléchon (l.) and Jasmin Graf (photo: PTV).

Somebody who wants to make mobility fit for the future must act in a forward-looking fashion. This is why we at PTV engage in numerous national and international research projects for the transport and traffic sector.Read more

U-THREAT: New research project designed to increase security of underground systems

Minor incidents may have major effects on underground transport – the new research project U-THREAT aims to increase security.

Tube trains are fast and reliable, and best of all – they do not get stuck in traffic jams. No wonder they are a popular way to travel in cities around the world.Read more

Interview: André Häusling about his new book “Agile Organisations”

PTV Group is listed as one of the Agile Stars in André Häusling’s book ‘Agile Organisations’.

Agility has become a hot topic in today’s rapidly changing business environment, affecting both project management and organisational structures.  But what is the best way to approach an agile transformation?Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A challenge for logistics?

Not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday  – the increasing demand for e-commerce challenges logistics and cities (photo: iStock).

They count among the most profitable shopping event days of the world: On Black Friday (this year on 24.11.) and Cyber Monday (27.11.) numerous online businesses strive to attract customers by offering special deals and incredible discounts.Read more

AEOLIX: TestFest presents first research results

In different sessions, the technical components (Connectivity Engine, Dashboard, Toolkit) of the AEOLIX Platform were presented. (Photo: Ertico).

The European research project AEOLIX (Architecture for European Logistics Information eXchange), that PTV Group is involved in, was launched just over a year ago (as we reported earlier).Read more