A great combination: Public transport and autonomous vehicles (3) – options and advantages

On the right track. Interview with Sebastian Pelka, PTV.

The use of autonomous vehicles in public transport allows cities to offer additional services that might make public transport journeys even more efficient. We spoke with our expert Sebastian Pelka, Solution Director MaaS at PTV, about the options and advantages of autonomous vehicles.Read more

Committed to the environment (2): Is public transport always climate-friendly?

Environmental Protection and Public Transport – top issues addressed by PTV Transport Consult experts. Photo: pixabay/Harald Meyer-Kirk

Environmental protection plays a key role in transport planning. We spoke with Petra Strauß, Head of Public Transport Planning and Assessment at PTV Transport Consult, about the possibilities and limits of public transport (PT) in terms of environmental sustainability.Read more

A great combination: Public transport and autonomous driving (2) – necessary steps

Autonomous vehicles and public transport – a new multipurpose solution for the future?

More and more autonomous vehicles, flexible mobility services, lower costs – public transport and autonomous driving could become a model example of perfect integration. Today, we talked with Dr.-Ing. Jochen Lohmiller, Manager Microscopic Simulation at PTV, about the necessary steps.Read more

A great combination: Public transport and autonomous vehicles (1)

Autonomous and electric mobility in public transport

Autonomous public transport vehicles have substantial potential: Additional services combined with greater flexibility are the basis for highly attractive and efficient concepts, especially for rural areas. And e-mobility will make the whole approach even more sustainable. This time our interviewee is Petra Strauß, Head of Public Transport Planning and Assessment at PTV Transport Consult.Read more

The Age of Intelligent Algorithms: AI at PTV

PTV experts discuss about AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theme of Science Year 2019 as announced by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. No wonder: Intelligent IT systems have an impact on all areas of our lives, offering a multitude of opportunities. This topic is also on PTV’s agenda – intelligent algorithms and innovation have always been part of the company’s DNA.Read more

PTV Group and TNO launch new solution for improving air quality

Lively exchange between PTV Group and TNO.

Almost three years ago, the independent research institute TNO (The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and PTV Group announced to join forces in the fields of mobility and the environment. A lot has happened since then. The TNO platform Urban Strategy has been coupled with the functionalities of the strategic transport planning software PTV Visum, creating an integrated and multi-disciplinary decision-making platform for cities facing complex challenges in terms of congestion and air pollution.Read more

How one woman managed to (finally) put road safety on the agenda in Bolivia

The Bolivian capital La Paz is one of the cities for which road safety activities were developed.

Despite having only about half the world’s motor vehicles, low-middle income countries (LMICs) account for over 90% of the worldwide road traffic deaths. In Bolivia, 23.2 people per 100,000 inhabitants are killed on the road each year (WHO, 2015).Read more

Next-generation planning intelligence technology for sales – now integrated into Salesforce

PTV’s new route planning app is now available on Salesforce AppExchange: Thorsten Frerk and Matthias Hormuth provide some insight

Efficient field force management is crucial to sales success. In addition to strategic pre-combined trip planning, cloud solutions for mobile resource planning are playing an increasingly important role in sales.Read more