Djibouti – the logistic hub of the Horn of Africa

Djibouti wants to establish an Excellence Centre of Transport and Logistics. Image: DPFZA.

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Djibouti is strategically located on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa. It controls the vital passage and the southern entrance from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean – an essential international trade route connecting Africa, Asia and Europe.… Read more

Smart and connected: the stop of the future

The intelligent stop of the future (Photo: raumobil GmbH).

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What will the stop look like in the multimodal, networked mobility world of tomorrow?  PTV Group and  raumobil GmbH worked on this issue as part of the R&D project “smartStation – the stop as a gateway to multimodal mobility” (RD No.… Read more

Test field Autonomous Driving: In May the first vehicles will be rolling in Karlsruhe

The FZI Open House provided insight into current projects and development. (Photo: Andreas Drollinger/FZI)

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Innovation is in the air in the Haid-und-Neu-Straße in Karlsruhe.  Not only is PTV’s headquarters located there, the FZI Research Centre for Computer Science is just 200 metres further.… Read more

Assessing heavy-load bridge options: refurbish or replace?

PTV has developed a methodology for the optimization of bridge refurbishment and/or renewal measures (Photo: iStock).

Growing traffic volumes, including heavy-load transport, have a negative impact on roads and bridges, in particular on the 39,500 bridges of the federal motorway system in Germany. Most of them were built between 1965 and 1985.Read more

How a rainy day in Lisbon started a mobility revolution

Too many taxis and other vehicles serve only one passenger.

Too many taxis and other vehicles serve only one passenger at a time.

How do you start a mobility revolution? – Right, you have to have an idea. José Viegas, Former Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum, OECD, had the brilliant brainwave of finding a way to ensure the best capacity utilisation of taxis because too many vehicles serve only one customer at a time.Read more

Outsmarting congestion and emissions

Miller Crockart, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing for Traffic Software

Miller Crockart, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing for Traffic Software

“Meeting the demand is key, but meeting it with a minimum number of vehicles to make the best use of an existing infrastructure, is king”, explains our Vice President Global Sales & Marketing for Traffic Software, Miller Crockart, in the latest edition of ITS International.Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A challenge for logistics?

Not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday  – the increasing demand for e-commerce challenges logistics and cities (photo: iStock).

They count among the most profitable shopping event days of the world: On Black Friday (this year on 24.11.) and Cyber Monday (27.11.) numerous online businesses strive to attract customers by offering special deals and incredible discounts.Read more

The increasing importance of data in an ever-evolving transport scenario

Ensuring a transport system that serves society and supports the economy requires many things, but the two most important ones are data and dialogue.

In the case of logistics, no data can even mean no delivery. Top players, like DHL, UPS and Wincanton, have an increasingly high number of geographical data at hand to provide courier services to millions of customers around the world.… Read more