One for all: AEOLIX connects the freight and logistics community

The EU research project AEOLIX is being tested in 12 Living Labs across Europe.

The EU project AEOLIX was completed successfully – with stunning results. The pan-European platform provides a lot of useful services for the supply chain. Security features and control mechanisms ensure that providers and users can collaborate within a protected environment.Read more

In search of lost time: Big Data in transport logistics

TransformingTransport – the lighthouse project providing interesting findings on losing and gaining time.

The EU project TransformingTransport looks at ways to use Big Data in order to increase transport efficiency and generate environmental benefits. Various areas of application are examined in pilot projects. Jasmin Graf, who is managing the Sustainable Connected Trucks project on the PTV side, explains how lost time can be recovered, saving both time and money.Read more

Good basis for cargo clustering

Freight tetris: Automated loading of a special platform (New Modal Unit Platform) outside the truck is currently being tested for the EU project Clusters 2.0

Freight tetris is not as fun as the term may suggest. One of the special challenges facing transport logistics is to arrange different pieces of freight on pallets as space-savingly and efficiently as possible.Read more

PTV Insights: Route planning with PTV Route Optimiser

Leo Gast, PTV Product Manager Components and Navigation

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Our customers optimise 30 million routes every day, not only saving a lot of money, but also reducing emissions. For those who do not know PTV Route Optimiser, Leo Gast, Product Manager for Components and Navigation,

30 million routes are optimised by our customers every day, not only saving a great deal of time and money but also protecting the environment.… Read more

Spotlight on E-Mobility: Electric trucks powering ahead in Berlin

The test phase of the iHub research project, that PTV is involved in, now started in Berlin.

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E-mobility is on everyone’s lips – also in logistics. Although only a few electric vehicles are currently used in general cargo logistics and long-distance transport, e-trucks are becoming increasingly attractive, especially in cities struggling with air pollution.Read more

Precise, accurate, reliable – new static speeds for better route calculation

Excellent maps – the basis for accurate route calculation (image: istock sturti)

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In logistics, every kilometre and every minute counts. Inaccuracies in calculating routes, no matter how small, sum up and can cause high costs in the end. Accuracy is therefore key.… Read more

The Ultimate Traffic Optimization: Adaptive signal control with real-time predictive modeling

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living

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Co-authored by Shaleen Srivastava, Vice President and Regional Director (Americas), PTV Group and Jim Benson, Strategic Alliance and Marketing Director, Intelligent Cities, Current, powered by GE.

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living.… Read more

How do you plan the most optimal transport route?

Logistics services are vital for every city. Photo: iStock

Logistics services are vital for every city. Photo: iStock

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Cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas are swiftly growing all over the world. This increase calls for a higher demand of logistics services. No matter if it is the industrial, trade or hospitality sector, they all rely on deliveries that arrive on time and without damage.… Read more