Mobility as a Service – How to make it happen for fleet operators, cities and passengers

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Co-authored by Devrim Kara, Director UK & Ireland and Michael Oliver, Solution Director PTV Visum, PTV Group.

Ride-sharing versus car-sharing

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is seen as one of the Next Big Things in transportation, allowing people to seamlessly plan and pay for door-to-door multi-modal journeys. Read more

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Spotlight on E-Mobility: Electric trucks powering ahead in Berlin

The test phase of the iHub research project, that PTV is involved in, now started in Berlin.

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E-mobility is on everyone’s lips – also in logistics. Although only a few electric vehicles are currently used in general cargo logistics and long-distance transport, e-trucks are becoming increasingly attractive, especially in cities struggling with air pollution.Read more

Precise, accurate, reliable – new static speeds for better route calculation

Excellent maps – the basis for accurate route calculation (image: istock sturti)

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In logistics, every kilometre and every minute counts. Inaccuracies in calculating routes, no matter how small, sum up and can cause high costs in the end. Accuracy is therefore key.… Read more

The Ultimate Traffic Optimization: Adaptive signal control with real-time predictive modeling

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living

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Co-authored by Shaleen Srivastava, Vice President and Regional Director (Americas), PTV Group and Jim Benson, Strategic Alliance and Marketing Director, Intelligent Cities, Current, powered by GE.

Traffic congestion is one of the more frustrating—and seemingly unavoidable—parts of urban living.… Read more

Lifelong learning at PTV Academy

PTV Academy offers both professional advanced training classes, as well as courses for personal further development. Photo: W. Sieber

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Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young, whether at twenty or eighty.” We are never done learning.Read more

Greater Transport Safety for Bolivia

Sofia Salek de Braun, PTV Transport Safety Ambassador, has worked with actors from authorities and institutions in her homeland to develop a road safety charter.

Transport safety is a topic which is not very visible in many emerging and developing countries. Since 2016, Sofia Salek de Braun, PTV Solution Director Traffic Safety, has been working to achieve greater road transport safety in her homeland, Bolivia.Read more