Real time: The solution for transport resilience in cities?

New York

How can you ensure the transport resilience of your city? PTV has the answers.

On June 3rd something unusual happened in Paris: For the first time since World War Two the Louvre had to call Volunteers to help move its treasures to upper floors. The Seine had peaked its highest level in more than 30 years and threatened to flood the cellar of the museum and whole parts of the city.Read more

Green logistics with PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour has been certified as a “Lean and Green” tool

Delivering efficiently and resource-friendly at the same time – that is no problem for customers of PTV Smartour. The trip planning software has now been certified as a “Lean and Green” tool, assisting the users in reducing their CO2 emissions.Read more

PTV Group launches detailed emission calculation for road transport in Australia

Green logistics concepts can now be promoted throughout Australia – thanks to PTV's xServer technology

Green logistics concepts can now be promoted throughout Australia – thanks to PTV’s xServer technology

PTV Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Emisia S.A. to provide the first standardised emissions calculation methodology for vehicle routing and optimisation solutions in Australia. COPERT Australia is a specific database for Australia’s route network.… Read more

Can Asia have more cars?

Chandran Nair, founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow

Chandran Nair was born in Malaysia. He studied biochemistry in London after which he was involved in the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa. In 1991 he took over a small environmental consultancy company, which expanded greatly under his leadership. In 2005 he founded the Global Institute For Tomorrow, a think tank which marries economic theory with social engagement.

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